In the current internet society, more and more online surveys see the light of day. In order to discuss new advances and prospects in online survey market, an online survey software company has analysed key challenges and drivers, restraints and opportunities in the online survey industry. Overview of the study.

Key stakeholders

Stakeholders in online survey market are not only software companies and users. They actually include as well software and subcomponents manufacturers as distributors, traders and wholesalers, but also industry associations and downstream vendors. The study highlights 15 main online survey software manufacturers. Have a look at one of them here.

Product types

Many could think that online surveys are only for industries and companies. What the study highlights is that there is actually an important share of individual grade of online survey use. Indeed, many private people use online surveys in order to make their mind on different topics. Online surveys are not only for businesses any more, although the latter still remains the most important share of online survey users.

Segments by applications

The study also highlights differents domains in which online surveys are used. Amongst these, key fields are education and public sector, automotive, airline and travel, but also retail, medical and media fields. But we also see online surveys about almost any topic that you could think of.

Market share by country

The report has established a global market share by country. Top 5 divides as follows:

1. US
2. Europe
3. Japan
4. China
5. India

Key issues

The online survey market could seem a quite stable field, however some restraints are still to be discussed. For instance, the changing supply and demand scenarios will definitely play an important role in the future online survey landscape. Indeed, with the recent digital revolution, competition in this field is strongly increasing and the trends and dynamics of the market will obviously be affected by the changes in internet common use. As opportunities will emerge, the growth forecast in the online survey industry is highly positive.

Why this report?

This report is important for any stakeholder in the online survey industry as it helps to gain insightful analyses of the field and brings comprehensive understanding of the global market and its commercial landscape. It is a « must read » for anyone who wished to get a clear view on major issues and solutions in the market strategies that are being adopted by leading respective organisations.