Copying text is easy in most cases particularly if you have the source data in text form. If you have to copy text from one document to the other, you simply need to select text and copy it. However, things are not that simple when the text has to be copied from images. Unlike text files, selecting text from images is not that simple. One way to copy text from images is copying it manually. This is obviously a very lengthy option. You need to look at each written line in the image and then copy it. During the copying process, the chances of making a mistake or skipping something would always be there. Does an easier option exist? The answer to this question is yes. If you are using an image to text converter, you would be able to copy huge chunks of text from images without the slightest of problems. To convert image to text the image format should be JPG/JPEG or PNG. Now you are thinking what is the difference between JPG or JPEG image?

Working Process of text to image converters

As compared to various other applications, the usage of these converting applications is much simpler.

  • To start with, you need to select the image from which data has to be extracted. Proper image to text conversion tools support various formats including jpeg and .png. After the image has been uploaded, simply click the “convert” button and all the text would be converted.

Why is image to text the best tool?

If a software application is being rated as the best option in a particular category, there has to be a strong reason behind it. In case of an image to text tool, there are various reasons due to which it is rated as one of the best tools available online.

Here are some key reasons to look at.

Extract data from any kind of image

It is easy to extract data from any document because you simply need to select the text. This is obviously not the case when you have to perform the same task for an image because you cannot select the text. If there is paragraph written and the file is in the form of an image, you simply cannot select anything. To select the image, you would have to convert the image to text form. Thus, it can be said that you can extract text from images using one of these tools. It is hard to find a better option to accomplish the same task.

No need to work hard and take the long way

A lot of people use the lengthy way to extract text from images. They copy the text manually and prepare the document. If you have few lines to be copied, this option might work out for you. However, if there are multiple pages of text to be copied, the condition may be very different. The best way out is using an image to text conversion tool.

A completely efficient option

Why do people use soft wares for most tasks they perform? Do you see any one developing a financial sheet using pen and paper? The answer to this question is no. No one has the time to go through such a lengthy process because various spread sheets are available for this purpose. Same is the case when you have to extract text from images.

When you have to copy several pages, it becomes quite hard to complete the task without making mistakes. Even the most intelligent people make mistakes when they have to copy text manually. On the other hand, an image to text conversion tool is completely efficient because it is a technological application after all. Hence, if you talk about efficiency, this conversion tool has a higher efficiency level than the human option.

Quick results without making any effort

When you are using a software application for conversion purposes, the effort needed goes down by a big margin. This is because you do not need to do anything yourself. The application completes all kinds of tasks. In other words, you can save your time and effort for better usage.

Corporate professionals and students have to handle various sources in image formats. For instance, students have to work on various academic submissions. During the course of the academic year, they have to work on class assignments, final research submissions and a lot of other tasks as well. To complete research submissions, various online sources are used and a lot of them are in image format. The best way to handle this situation is using an image to text conversion tool. A quality tool would extract the entire text from the image. After that, you can simply copy it and use wherever the need is there.

No rechecking needed

 If you are using a manual method to copy something, you would have to recheck things after the process has been completed. This obviously means that you would have to put in extra time. On the other hand, using an image to text converter does not require the user to put in this additional effort. A converting application does not require any manual rechecking as it is uses a technological process to complete the job. Hence, you can be absolutely sure that the conversion process has been completed successfully and no rechecking is needed.

Summing It Up

In the present time, if you have to use the internet to collect information, you may have to download files in the form of images. The problem starts when you have to extract text from them. The lengthy way is that you can take out long hours and copy the text manually. Apart from time, this would also require a lot of effort. There is no reason to use this option as a much easier alternative is available.

The use of a proper image to text converter would help you out with all such tasks. All you need to do is upload the image and click the “convert” button. This would transform the image to text within no time.