Words are simply defined as “meaningful elements of speech and writing”, but the key part of that definition is “meaningful”. Communication is how we express meaning and our words have the power to profoundly change lives. Most of us are able to recall a piece of advice or a comment from a friend or family member that led us down a path that could have been very different had those words never been uttered. Words are power and we have the ability within us to use words to greatly enhance our lives and the lives of those around us. Our words can compel other into action, inspire a new way of thinking, calm someone in the midst of anger or soothe someone consumed by grief, educate someone or challenge the brain. Self-suggestion has been known to transform lives. Why not use the power of your words to make the world a better place? Below are some practical suggestions for how to accomplish this.


1. Send Quotes to Someone

We love quotes for a reason, they sum up profound wisdom in a sentence. Inspire a person you care about, a coworker, friend or family member by sending them quotes. Send a spouse or significant other love quotes. Help someone start the day off right with good morning quotes, which will help them begin the day full of inspiration and positive thinking. Share inspiring, motivational or romantic words with those you care about through text message, email or through Facebook and other social media platforms. Quotes can be anonymous or from a famous celebrity, such as Helen Keller or Mahatma Gandhi.


2. Help Children to Develop Reasoning and Critical Thinking Skills

Are you stuck with high energy kids or find yourself wanting to make a connection with them? Fight the boredom and engage and challenge their brains with riddles. From animal riddles to science riddles to food riddles, just grab a bunch of riddles with answers and the entertainment can last for a long time. Fun ways to learn, like riddles, can encourage a child’s mental development in so many ways. They might not even know that they’re learning while having fun. An example of riddles for kids is – What is red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet? Answer- a rainbow in washing machine.


3. Congratulate People Who are Celebrating

Express your happiness and bliss to people you know who have experienced a great achievement in their personal life or their professional life. It is a way to acknowledge and encourage them to continue getting better. It feels good to be recognized and the winner deserves words of praise. Congratulate them by sending some balloons to a birthday celebrant, a coffee mug to a coworker, baby shower wishes to an expecting mom and even a car to a new college graduate! Cheers, kudos, mazel tov and good luck.


4. Share Music

No matter what genre of music it is, music has the power to stir up our emotions and help us to connect with others. It can make you cry, laugh, and feel romantic, music is a powerful thing. Music touches nearly everyone across all cultures. When you’re feeling down or elated listening to music is a psychological reward and a sort of a therapy. So communicate your feelings and send your loved ones and the people you know one of your favorite songs.


5. Send Inspiring Memes

Help encourage and motivate someone by sending inspiring memes. We all experience difficulties and, like a roller coaster, life has many ups and downs. From positive mantras, funny images, to “you-can-do-it” memes, these can help bring them a better day. For example, the famous meme of a cat hanging on a tree with “hang in there” or a meme of a rainbows with the words “there’s always a rainbow after the rain”.


6. Be Nice, Say Something Nice

Wanna go to sleep feeling much happier and more satisfied? Say something nice to someone, be kind to someone, give them compliments that will make them smile. Being nice makes you feel good, people will like you more, you will feel valued and alive, less stressed and ultimately your actions will make other people’s lives better and happier.

Words cultivate our mind and soul, they provide a vehicle for people to share and express their wisdom with others. The kind of words that we use while connecting to others plays a valuable and impactful role; words can transform emotions and shape the course of our fate. With our words, we can enable individuals to see themselves as better than they currently see themselves. By words, you can transport individuals back in time to gain from their mistakes and forward to see themselves prosper, to see themselves fruitful, and to see themselves living their dream. They can see themselves in control and see themselves opening up unimaginable capability from within; to truly inspire people to see themselves achieving more. Because words change lives whether you realize it or not.