Soda PDF is a tool that can be used from your browser on a desktop application. It is all in one Pdf software that you can use to view, review and edit PDF’s wherever you are and whatever device you are using. You can use it to create basic PDF, basic editing to convert the files, edit the files and more. have the desktop version, online versions and they also have mobile versions that you can use on mobile. So, keeping that in mind, this windows application is very user-friendly. Also, if you are used to anything like word or any other sort of Microsoft application, then you can get the basic gist of this application.

1.  Home Page

When the first time you open the application, you are right away on the homepage. This will show you any recent documents or things that you may have opened recently. So, as far as PDF is concerned, you will get a sample file from this page.

2.  Tab Interface

Now if you open that, you will see that it has a tabbed interface in it. This is nice because in this way you can view multiple PDF at the same time in one single window.

3.  E-Sign Manager

In this option, you can see further sub-options, such as Drafts, Templates, Archives, and Trash. You will also see quick access there, such as, for Bookmarks, Layers, and Links that are available within a specific content that you are viewing.

You can scroll through the PDF, but at the bottom, you can get arrows that you can use to jump from page to page very easily and quickly. Also, there is an option that you can use to jump on a specific line of a specific page.

4.  Document View, Page View, Full-Screen View

You can also change the viewing mode of your PDF screen. If you want to see various page views, there is an option of Document View that can help you do this. You can move to Full-screen mode also. Of course, you can also zoom in and zoom out the content that you need.

5.  Search Option

On the right-hand side, you have a bar with a search option in it. If you want to search for a specific word, you can find t right away in a matter of seconds through this option.

6.  Comment Section

In quick access bar, you will also find an option for comments. You can see any comments in the document, or you may also add yours.

7.  Attachments

You can also view if there are any attachments in the PDF document. In the quick access bar on the right-hand side, you can find this option.

8.  Signatures

If there are any signatures, then you can view the list of all these signatures within a specific document that you are viewing.

At the top, you have the main toolbar. You can find multiple other options in the toolbar that you can explore to get an advantage for your work. In this article, only specific features are discussed that are usually not commonly known by people.