Car Buy

If you are planning to move houses across the state, you are probably unsure about what you need to do with your car. Most people sell their cars and buy another one instead, or they drive their car to their new home. And there are people who get their car shipped to the new location. This requires dealing with an auto shipping company, who will manage the transportation of your vehicle. Most of the time, however, these companies will not drop your car at your doorstep but instead at some pickup point which will usually be a depot. When it comes to shipping cars, these companies require their customers to properly prepare their car prior to the shipment. Here are some of the things they recommend:


1. Washing the car


Before your auto shipment company is supposed to pick the car up, you need to make sure that it is thoroughly washed. This is because, with a dirty car that is also very dusty, it is possible that any new dents and hinges go unnoticed. Whereas with a clean and washed car you will be able to notice any kind of new scratches that might be there because of the transportation company so you can hold them accountable.

2. Cleaning the inside of the car



When your vehicle is being shipped, there is a very high chance that it will be jostled around, and anything that is inside the car could potentially come out and damage it. This is why these companies recommend the owners to clean the car from the inside in order to minimize damage. Owners should also check the car for any valuables and personal belongings. The car should not have any sort of important documents that you do not want to risk losing.You can get a car kit from here

3. Disabling the alarm system



This may sound like a given, but you should still double check in order to avoid any sort of problems for the transportation company.

4. Keep the tank empty



Keep in mind that your car will be shipped and not driven, so there is no need for the car to have any gas in it. In fact, transportation companies recommend that owners keep their tanks empty so there is no spillage of any sort. A full tank also makes the car heavier, which makes it dangerous to be shipped.

If you will be driving your car from the pick up point, you leave a little fuel in the car so that you can drive it to the the petrol pump.

5. Checking for leakages



Prior to when your car gets load up onto the truck, you should check underneath for any sort of leaks. If there is one, make sure you get it fixed because it is possible that the company will refuse to ship it. Not only is it dangerous, but it could turn into an even bigger problem since the car will be moving around a lot.