Google, the biggest search engine in the history has shown its significance and impact to everyone’s live living on earth. With so many features, technologies and innovations that just seem to be kept on developing, Google definitely has been one of the greatest creations in the world’s history. Today, the Google users consist of various parties and people from various backgrounds. Some are just regular users who use Google to search on something they are interested in. Meanwhile, some others are particular users, the professional ones who use this search engine for more complex reasons. Of course, you can grow from regular to professional only if you know the advanced ways to use Google.

According to the survey, more than half of Google users haven’t actually realized of the advanced ways to use Google as search engine. Most of them only know the basics without realizing the great potential behind this giant cool engine. Therefore, it is necessary to learn on several best tips to get on the right track on how to use Google every time.

Exclude Sites

Google has one cool feature that allows you to exclude certain site from the result page. Some sites are not really qualified and helpful so it is only normal when you don’t want to see it on the result page. To do this, simply place (-) or hyphen before the targeted site. For instance, if you want to exclude Wikipedia, what you need to do is to type fire – Wikipedia. Once you do that, there will be no result from Wikipedia showing up on result page.

Search Social Tags

Exactly, every user can easily search for social tags. With social media being very popular in the last few years, social tags search has also been very popular as well. To do this, you need to type @ before social tag word/name. For instance, if you are curious about your favorite singer Adele, type @adele and hit enter.

Search Exact Phrases

Exact phrases are the first keys to the right search using Google. These phrases will bring you to the exact results you are looking for. Usually, the phrases consist of several words. For instance, type on the phrases of “best handbags in US” when you want to find and buy quality trending handbags. Then, the results will be shown by Google.

Search for Price Tags                      

Google has also been very helpful to assist shoppers from around the world to find the products they are looking for. And, Google has taken its feature further. Not only does it allow the users to search for the products but also for particular price tags according to users’ budget. For instance, when you want to buy digital camera with $600 in budget, simply type this phrase “digital camera $600” and you will be offered with a lot of choices.

There is another cool feature from Google, the trending topics. Search for the most trending topics happening in various parts of the world has now been very easy thanks to Google. Just place the hashtags sign (#) to do the search and the result page will be filled with what you look for.