Urdu is a versatile language having a lot of basics and simply like other languages, Urdu has also some rules and guidelines when it’s been typing on the computer.  Following mentioned are some of the basic tips and guidelines that you need to know before typing Urdu on Inpage by AtozSofts. But do you know what is Inpage and how it works?

Change the writing direction

The first thing which you need to keep in your mind before typing Urdu is to change the text direction from right to left because you are used to of typing English and the writing direction is pre-set on that way. You need to select ctrl+shift on the side you want to start typing Urdu on. 

Select font style

Simply like before typing English, you select the font style. You have to do the same while typing Urdu. Select the font style which normally is Nastaleeq. There are different categories in the selected don’t style too that you can select based on your requirement of the document. Nastaleeq font is the commonly used font for Urdu typing. 

Space and coma

The rules for adding a space in the Urdu typing are totally different here from that you do in English typing.  In English you add space after every word and at the end of the sentence you add a full stop which in Urdu means ‘’khatma’’. For adding space while typing Urdu, don’t click space bar rather click tab and do put a khatma on the end of each sentence. Also remember that you need to add space of one word before starting a new sentence in the same sequence. Same is the procedure with starting a paragraph and adding a coma. 

Writing “yeh”

 Yeh is one of the most common word used in Urdu and most commonly in the middle of sentences in form of choti yeh. Do the same as you do in manually writing the Urdu language. Same process applies when writing noon in the middle of any word or sentence. Don’t add space until you have completed writing a word. Try to write noon in place of noon ghunna in sentences. 

Typing alif and alif mad

If you’re going to type alif mad in a sentence, its better to type alif first and add a mad on it later on.  Normally in Urdu inpage, you select the phonetic keyboard and for adding alif mad using a phonetic keyboard, you need to press shift+a. 

Letter Hamza

Urdu inpage free download is available online and it is one of the easiest Urdu typing software that you can use. 

One of the most used letters in Urdu typing is Hamza that’s present in almost all the words. While typing Urdu on a computer, this Hamza takes different shapes and forms and for typing every form of Hamza, you need to use a separate command. While using the phonetic keyboard, you can add Hamza in middle of any word by pressing u and to add Hamza at the end of any word, you need to press shift+u.