Started as a social media platform for photographers to share their photos online, Instagram today has been evolving into a very powerful business tool. Just like other popular social media platforms, Instagram offers an effective way for brands to reach targeted markets and build a much successful marketing campaign. Through Instagram, a brand can build a stronger brand image and better brand awareness among its segmented market. This platform also allows brands to connect with its consumers allowing them to build stronger brand loyalty. An easy way to increase brand loyalty and level up your Instagram marketing campaign is to increase your Instagram Following and Engagement. There are sites out there that can help you do this starting at around $1:!

But it doesn’t mean that using Instagram for business is easy. Although Instagram has been improving with more advanced features including several features optimized for business, this social media platform specifically wasn’t built for business. Optimizing Instagram for your business purposes requires a specific strategy. Reaching a wider audience should be the first goal and like it or not, this is when a number of followers matters. After building a strong followers’ base, high engagement with the followers must be created and it is shown by the positive growth of views, likes, and new followers.

Content is everything, they said. It can be true as creative, interesting, and unique content will attract people to check your brand’s Instagram account and follow it when they find it worthy enough. But good content isn’t enough because Instagram account also needs to have social proof and integrity and it is shown by a solid number of followers. Oddly enough, right? Starting a campaign from scratch with zero followers and no engagement is very hard. This is when you need to play smart and Gramlike can provide the right solution.

Smart strategy to start a social media campaign on Instagram with reliable social proof and credibility can be achieved by buying Instagram followers, likes, and views. Gramlike is one of the digital marketing agencies offering this kind of service. This strategy will give your campaign a solid base to launch. Getting new follower is difficult not only it takes efforts but it may need a lot of time. Buying followers are like bypassing the hassle. When the Instagram account of your brand launched with an already convincing number of followers, it creates the credibility for other Instagram users to believe it is really the brand’s Instagram account.

But a big number of followers isn’t enough yet. Your Instagram account also needs to have a good engagement. The more views reflect your followers and other Instagram users want to check your content and it means your message able to reach its targeted market. While more likes show your content is interesting enough and liked by many users. Engagement can also be created with more comments on the content posts.

Trusted digital marketing agency like Gramlike, has network Instagram influencers with loyal followers. With the right strategy, those influencers will introduce and promote your brand’s Instagram account to their followers encouraging them to follow your brand’s account and check its posts. With this strategy, the new followers, likes, and views you get are from real active Instagram users, not only from both accounts. The engagement created is also more natural and able to deliver bigger positive impact to your marketing campaign.