It is a common problem for car owners to find their beloved cars being attacked by street dogs when they are parked on the streets. Many people lack garage space in their houses and park their cars right in front of their homes. It leaves the cars exposed to the threat of having scratches and dents from street dogs who find these as the best places to climb up and sleep. Instead of cursing those poor creatures, it is best to take precautions to save your vehicles from a canine attack. 

Here are some effective ways that you can give a try:-

Use a Body Cover for The Car-

Purchase a premium car body cover using automotive superstore promo code to protect the vehicle not only from the rain and sun but also from street dogs. These covers will keep the car safe from being affected by scratches by dogs, bird droppings, and the onslaught of weather. It will also discourage the dogs from trying to climb up the car.  

Buy a Motion Detector Buzzer-

The best way to discourage dogs from climbing up your car is to install a buzzer in your vehicle. These buzzers detect movement and start producing a vibrating sound that scares away the dogs. It will also keep the dogs from coming near the car in the future when they are scared away by the buzzer a few times. Buy these essentials using attractive coupons from

Use Mothballs in The Car

Mothballs produce an unpleasant scent for dogs and keep them away from the car. You can use these mothballs in the vehicle, and the smell would surely keep the dogs away. 

Keep The Wipers Raised-

The dogs generally climb up the car from the front part and go up to the roof. To prevent them from jumping up on the bonnet, raise the wipers when you park the car. It is an excellent way to stop them from climbing up. You can also put up a board or use any other stuff to block the chances of going up to the roof of the car from the front. 

Use Sprays on The Car-

You can also go for alcohol-based sprays that are safe for the metallic surface of the car, and yet keeps the dogs away. These alcohol-based sprays have some perfumes that are unpleasant for the dogs. They cannot tolerate the smell and would try to avoid your car.