We mostly rely on Google tools in our regular lives, most of the people out there that how search engine optimization can create a wide path for them to improve. The ranking is very much important now not only to increase sales but also to attract shoppers. The work of SEO is to make you rank better on Google. SEO requires modern tools, professional help or expert knowledge to work. Given below are some of the tips you may apply to make your ranking better in Google.

Optimization of Site Structure:

The organization of the content on your page is very important for your SEO success. It is more likely that a shopper or visitor will spend more time on your store and look at more pages, if they are able to locate their findings, quickly without any hazard on your store. Therefore, you must keep the structure of the site simple, so that the search engines can make easy crawling in your site for ranking the products. Shopify SEO will help you to create categories and product pages. Don’t forget to include contact and about page, and also a search box. These will make you more trustworthy and credible, for the shopper and the search engines. 

Keep Upgrading the User Experience:

Prepare a responsive design for your store, so that it looks good on almost all kind of devices like smartphones, computers, and tablets. Make your store optimized for mobile, as nowadays the shoppers use smartphones more and more for shopping. These responsive themes play a great role in enhancing the user experience and keep the shoppers on your site attracted for a longer time. Make a site that is easier to read and navigate, as the time-on-page is considered as a marker of a site’s value, by Google. Better user experience and ranking will increase the conversions as it will make the visitors visit the store repeatedly. 

Right keyword Selection:

Making efficient keyword research is considered to be the most successful step, as the right keywords generate more and more traffic for your store. At the very beginning, do not make use of any fancy tools. Start with making a list of about 4-5 major topics, that are closely related to your customer, or they care about. Try to put up the necessary items in the list. Check through the forums related to the products. Social media can also help you to gather information. Check out your competitor’s sites and look at the titles and image alt-text they have used. Use some latest keyword research tools for further help.

Optimization of Product Pages:

First of all, start optimizing the top pages. Then, make use of your keywords for the store’s pages optimization. Pages like homepage, top-selling product, and main product collection ages make the best conversions and are the most profitable ones. So, optimize them carefully. Consistently make use of the keywords to enhance the title tags for product categories. Meta description, the title, and the alt text for the products must be well polished.


In the modern world, the traditional ways will bring you less or no profit. In today’s digital era, you need to do something more than creating a beautiful and attractive store to impress shoppers. Search engine rankings make your store easy findable. The higher your rank is, the more traffic you are going to have. This ultimately increases sales. All it requires is patience and well- planned strategies.