When trying to gain a digital advantage for you company, Search Engine Optimization is an important topic to focus on. Not only can SEO help you raise through the rankings on search engines, it can help you build better advertisement campaigns and retain customers for longer. Some growing trends in the area of SEO will change the way that you design your websites, direct traffic and even interact with your customers, making them important to watch.

User-Focused Optimization

Major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing are changing the ways that they gather and analyze information to better match the preferences of users, so optimizing your digital presence to focus on these preferences is key. Orlando SEO firms can help determine how customers search for and access information as well as align your site to match. This will make it easier for algorithms to give you a high ranking with content your customers prefer to see and interact with. One way to do this is by paying attention to what current clients tell you about how they spend money, what their journey was to your company and why they stay.

High-Quality Content

If you have ever closed a tab right after opening it due to poor material, then you understand the value of high-quality content. The backbone of SEO has always been the substance you put online, and search algorithms have been steadily changing to better access and rank that content. Whether a string of grammatical errors sends customers packing or they found a product description instead of an informational blog, improving your content can raise your rankings. This means putting up articles, blog posts and graphics which are easy to read, provide valuable information and meet expectations.

Digitally Based Competitive Advantage

Your competitive advantage offline can be a benefit to your online presence as the trustworthiness, expertise and authority of sources and websites gains traction in search engine algorithms. These search platforms want to deliver accurate and detailed information to customers and so will rank authorities in a keyword higher than those with less expertise. When your website has broken links, a history of data breaches or inaccurate information, then the algorithms and customers will not see you as being a trustworthy authority. To increase your digitally based competitive advantage it is a good idea to make sure your website functions correctly, your certifications and experience are prominently listed online and that you verify your content before publishing it.

Voice and Image Search

Voice search is helping millions of people find information and products on the go. From turning on movies from the other room or getting navigation while driving, more people are turning voice search capabilities on for their smartphones and home connection devices. The algorithms and rankings are different for various voice search applications with some giving a basic acknowledgment of the request and then displaying a standard results list and others giving detailed information and up to three links in response. You can optimize your website for these searches by embedding relevant markups into the content and code.

Image search is being used for shopping on engine platforms as much as it is used to find memes and information. Customers will often search with a generic term for a product in image searches and then find pictures of the colors and designs that interest them. By including high-quality pictures with imbedded information and detailed descriptions on your site, you can show up higher in the image results. You can add graphs and photos to your articles, have pictures of products in your shop and much more.

E-A-T and AI

The acronym E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness, three criteria that the AI software of search engines are putting more emphasis on now than ever before. This is because customers expect to find trustworthy experts with authority behind their queries and tend to interact more with websites displaying these things. Artificial Intelligences will see these preferences, interpret human speech patterns and display results relevant to the customer’s habits as well as to their keywords.

Keeping track of the growing SEO trends can help you keep your internet presence relevant and profitable. These trends can show you how to design your website and write your content to appeal to both the search engine AI and to the customers. By incorporating high-quality content, informative visuals and your expertise, you can stay on top of the SEO game.