When looking to buy a headphone, you will have to decide between a Bluetooth and a wired option. And if you have chosen to go with a Bluetooth option, you have to check out the product’s connectivity, battery, and other features to ensure that you get the best device. Below, we take a brief look at the six factors you must look out for when buying a Bluetooth headphone.

Bluetooth Connectivity

The first thing you should check is the quality of the Bluetooth connectivity. Make sure that the headphone is able to remain connected with your devices for long periods of time without breaking off. Any disturbance and disconnections is a sign that you should avoid them. The strength of the connection will also affect the quality of the sound. So, the stronger the headphone’s connection to the devices, the richer will be the sound. And a weak connection will inevitably compress the sound, making it less rich and vibrant.


When checking the battery, you have to look for two things – how long a charge lasts, and how long it takes to recharge. Firstly, the longer the charge of a battery lasts, the less number of times you will have to recharge them. So, if you are going to use the headphones in situations where you won’t find a charging port easily, then you should definitely get a device which runs for the longest time in a single charge. Secondly, look into how fast the battery charges itself. The faster it recharges, the less time you have to spend waiting to use the headphone.


If you will be using the device to listen to music and other such stuff, then you won’t be needing the microphone. But if you can get a headphone with an attached mic, then it will be better since you might be able to use it in some future situation.

Noise Cancellation

Check whether the headphones offer noise cancellation feature. This will allow you to hear the sound without the outside environment affecting you. And if you will be buying the headphone primarily for gaming, then you have to ensure that it does have noise cancellation feature so that you can focus on your game without the interference of other noises.

Built-In Controls

Look for headphones with built-in controls. The controls will typically be positioned on the outside of the ear cup. Try switching it on and off to ensure that the buttons are smooth, and do not feel too rigid while pressing.  Also, ensure that you can reach the controls easily without affecting what you are doing at the moment.

Custom Apps

If there are no built-in controls, then the headphones should ideally have a smartphone app that can be installed on iPhone, Android or other such devices. The app must provide an easy way to control sound levels, check battery levels and so on.

And if you are on a tight budget, then check out Music Critic’s best Bluetooth headphones for under $100. This will make it easier for you to select a low priced headphone without having to sacrifice the sound quality.