Headphones are not just audio devices for listening to music; they also affect the quality of the sound produced by a CD or an MP3 player. Whether you buy headphones under 100 dollar or over, you should take care of them to continue enjoying the best sound quality. Dust, liquid and heat can damage them; even mistreating the wires can ruin a good pair of headphones.

Here we are demonstrating 5 tips that can help you to make headphones last longer.

Take Care of the Cable 

The first thing you have to know is that the cable is the most sensitive part and the one that most frequently fails. That’s why you should never tangle them in the same device as this causes unnecessary tension that will damage the cable. If the cable is damaged, the quality of the captured audio will decrease.

Continuing with the headphones, you must keep an eye on the place where you keep them. Usually, when we stop listening to music we throw the headphones into the bottom of the backpack or store them in the pants pocket. While this is a convenient way to save our player, the truth is that our headphones suffer, and every day that passes, the lower the quality of the audio captured through them. Users generally do not take into account the delicacy of a pair of headphones, and since they are no longer manufactured with those thick and curly cables that could withstand any abuse, we will have to become more cautious. However, even though the wiring with which the headphones are manufactured today is extremely thin and makes it very prone to breakage, it makes them much more comfortable and discreet.  

Keep Your Headphones Clean 

It is very important to take care of the cleanliness of the hearing aids, which get dirty with elements such as dust or wax, which can affect its functioning. If you clean your hearing aids every day, you will notice how they last much longer and in better conditions. It is simply a daily cleaning routine, with a damp cloth and a brush for those areas of more difficult access, such as the microphone or the headset. And remember, products such as water, alcohol or oil are prohibited for cleaning.

Use Application That Enhance Sound Quality of Headphones 

If you are having issues with your sound quality and volume beside that you have purchased quality headphones then there might be a need for a mobile application. The sound applications enhanced the quality of sound dramatically. Such applications let you adjust the features of your device to produce a better quality sound.

Even if you are using the headphones with your laptop or computer you can install the applications for laptop too. They work on any smart device very effectively. 

Consider DACS and PREAMPS

We live in a digital age; however, our world is still really analogue. Speaking of audio or video, what we perceive in the end by sight and hearing is analogue even if it comes from digital sources. Digital sound must be converted into electricity for the speakers to translate it into waves. So. What is the meaning of digital sound? The reality is that there are numerous advantages offered by digital sound to be the standard of our day, among which are data transport (streaming), storage (CD, storage cards, etc.), and of course durability and conservation. 

In this way, all-digital sound must be transformed into analogue (electricity) that allows the speaker to emit sound waves, here the DAC or Digital to Analogue Converter enters the scene. The DAC is responsible for converting digital audio into analogue audio, but not all DACs are the same or offer the same performance. Therefore, using DACS can enhance the quality all you need to do is to attach the portable DAC to your smartphone and headphone. 

Check Your Audio Source

This is very essential to check your audio source as all the streaming services won’t provide the same sound quality. The sound quality also relies on the bandwidth of your internet. Therefore, we recommend you to have high-quality headphones and downloaded quality music files to ensure that you have a better source to produce enhanced sound. 

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