Among the variety of social platforms and never-ending contents you can find on the net, visual contents, specifically those on Instagram are the most powerful ones in getting the attention of social media users. An Instagram user might see it like a hobby to just scroll down on various photos and double tap the most liked ones or the ones belonging to his family or friends. This easy user experience is probably the most important success key of Instagram compared to other social media platforms.

Businesses, influencers, celebrities and even individual users are competing to expand their online territory on Instagram. To tell you the truth, whether you own a large company or you have a small shop selling your own handmade handicrafts, creating a business account on Instagram is inevitable. But that’s not all! You need to convince your target audience that it is worth to follow you to get the best possible services, information or products! In fact, gaining the first followers is even harder than increasing the number of your followers for a page which already has a good amount of followers. Here, we would give you useful tips to get your first 5000 followers when nobody knows you on Instagram. Follow us in the steps bellow to create a perfect Bio, know your target audience, share your high quality contents and also finding out how an Instagram bot system works.

Step 1 : Create a great Bio:

Your Bio is the first impression an Instagram user would have of your brand and if you make it attractive enough, it might lead the user to click the “follow” button there. It includes 150-character information about who you are and how the audience can reach you. Since your name and username are the searchable parts of your bio, use words which are trend in your business. The more trend words you use, the more chance you have to be found by search! You can use your full name or add something creative to it or cut some parts depending on your business and marketing strategy!

You need to talk about your business, occupation, services, social orientation, or anything that shows your superiority over other Instagram users in your bio! However, having a low space, it is better to write briefly and again optimize it with keywords which are trend in your business.

Your website link on the bio also tells them you are a real business and make it easier to trust you. Furthermore, relevant hashtags on the bio can lead a good traffic of your potential followers to your page.

Step 2 : Who is your target audience?

Now that you have decided on the information to write in your bio, you should define your niche and target audience. Then you can produce high quality contents to make people interested in your page.

Male or female? Young or old? Rich or not? Since people may or may not like a content based on these attributes, answering these questions and getting to know your audience is a vital step.

Start with simple demographic data including age, gender, location, profession, etc. It is not necessary to conduct a comprehensive research. Start analyzing your current costumers’ persona by asking this question: Who is going to purchase your products and services?

Generally, an engineer would not like to follow your page to know about a complex artistic concept and an artist is not curious to explore your page describing in details the latest progress in food industry. After defining your niche, find the tone which your audience are more interested in! See pages similar to yours. If their tone is formal, you need to follow the same approach to expand the number of your followers!

Step 3 : Be creative in sharing your content

So far, you have defined your audience and also the tone of your posts. Now, you should produce high quality contents and be consistent in sharing them. Make a scheduled weekly calendar and choose the number of posts for each day! Stick to your plan to remind your followers you are alive and active. There are a couple of tools which help you to schedule your posts on Instagram like Buffer. However, sharing high quality contents is not enough. You need to be creative in creating them. Among thousands of modeling pages on Instagram, creativity is your privilege, making you stand apart from other pages!

Here are our suggestions on the types of contents you can share in your Instagram page:

  • Ideas related to your products and services

Give them practical ideas they can use in their everyday life. However, it is better to incorporate your services and products in the ideas as well. For example, if you are running the page of a travel agency, suggesting a cozy eco-lodge in a small village for a different honeymoon instead of a five-star luxury hotel, is an idea which might engage your audience and make them follow you to get more information and new ideas about travel.

  • Motivational and inspiring posts

Most people like a motivational sentence which changes their mood. These sentences can be even related to your business. For example, if you are an interior design firm, you can inspire the followers with this sentence from Benjamin Franklin: “ A house is not a home unless it contains food and fire for the mind as well as the body.”

  • Giveaway Posts

Posts offering something for free can bring you a lot of engagements as well as new followers. Be detailed and to the point in providing information about your prize and conditions for each person to enter.

  • Posts showing the backstage of your business

People are interested to know what is happening behind the scene of your business. You can always find interesting things to share no matter how big or small your company is! Show them the process of producing a popular product or introduce the people who are working in your company.

Step 4 : Engage with Instagram users as much as possible

To make Instagram users aware of your presence and encourage them to follow your page, you need to interact with them, follow their page, like their posts and comment on them and even send them direct messages. These functions encourage them to visit your page and if they find it interesting, they would follow you. With Instagram’s strict rules for the number of people you can follow and engage with in a given time and also considering that you can not be always online to engage with other users. Automation tools like Instamber Instagram bot help you set a goal for each of these functions and then follow, like, comment and send direct messages on behalf of your page; a good way to save your time for more important tasks like creating great content.

To sum it up, you should know that creating high quality contents and knowing your audiences’ persona are the prerequisite steps in creating a powerful Instagram page. However, engaging with other Instagram users is also important in increasing the number of your followers from zero to 1K, then 5K, and even more and more. Using auto engagement tools is a great help for business pages which are trying to stay competitive on Instagram.