There were times when Instagram algorithms didn’t have all the potential they have now and you could get unlimited likes, followers or views without anyone batting an eye. However, these days if you decide to buy some likes to boost activity on your profile and range your posts a bit higher in feed, you have to be really careful — this will only work if the boost is not instant (1000 followers in a few hours really look suspicious) and contains like only from real and active accounts.

Good news is: you still can get 100% real followers or likes — this kind of growth can be provided by services that give you options to choose your own rate of getting likes or even target a location for accounts that will do it. “Soc-Promotion” is one of these services — actually, one of the best:

How to get likes safely in 2021?

Buying likes is a great option for a start of your marketing strategy. This is also a great opportunity to give your profile a new boost of activity to get more visibility — Instagram algorithms tend to place posts that received most engagement in the first hour after posting at the top of the feed.

We’ll go even further and share some advices to get more organic likes:

  1. Collaborate with other influencers. If your audiences match, you can easily get more activity for your Instagram profile after doing collaboration. Of course, you’ll need a bigger account to “donate” followers to you, and this might as well cost you some money, but the result will remain awesome — more people who automatically trust your brand because their favourite influencer recommended you.
  2. Focus on real-time events. Remain relevant when it comes to what’s happening around you and your audience — promote values you believe in, share important social messages and be present. It’s always important to state your position on some topics — this way people will form their opinion on your company and decide whether they share your values or not. Of course, it’s always better if they do — this way you’ll get even more loyalty points.

Basically, you have to be relevant, consistent in your posting and active to attract people and promote your brand and get more engagement. A detailed marketing strategy will surely help you with that.

Why are likes still important for your promotion?

By 2021 a few new metrics have appeared and quickly became more important than likes: comments ratio, impressions, profile visits, conversions…But likes still matter, even though Instagram added an option to hide them so no one would stress about their number.

Likes still are a part of engagement rate — a metric that decides how active is your audience. If you get 10 or less likes having 1000 followers, your account might be labeled as the one that has suspicious activity going on. The more likes you have, the more active your profile is considered. This is why buying likes works great to sustain a good image in the eyes of Insta algorithms — “Soc-Promotion” website or some other services like that will certainly aid you with this task, offering great promotion packages.

Tips for low-budget marketing

You might have every reason to spend little to no money on creating better visibility or driving traffic to your website. Every business has a potential for growth even without significant sums of money spent on marketing. All you need to promote your business effectively while being low on money is some motivation and knowledge of tools and tricks that might help you.

Use location-specific hashtags, engaging captions, trigger emotions — you can do it all for free, given time and motivation. Some third party services offer affordable packages for like ratio growth — flexible prices will help you find a strategy that will work best for your business.

Get real & active followers now

And again, it’s important that your followers should be real and active, and your likes should be from active accounts, too. Instagram is very cautious about bots, so you might want to use services that guarantee you only real and active followers or real likes.

With “Soc-Promotion”, you can get likes from real people in no time as well as increase your followers number by hundreds of active accounts of real people. Try it out and see how your profile makes it to the top.