The key to any successful translation is ensuring that your ends justify the means. For many languages this is a simple task, for others, this may require a more in-depth study. A language diverse as Spanish can come with its challenges. The most common mistake is categorizing it like one, where in fact there are multitudes of subcategories involved. For example, the word carro in Spain means a cart that you push or pull in order to transport items; however, the same word in Latin America translates to an actual car. 

Therefore, many companies are turning to the help of professional Spanish translation services to help them better understand all the tiny nuances involved in the Spanish language. As an added bonus, we have compiled a list of tips for you to follow to better enhance your Spanish translation and why hiring a professional Spanish translation company will benefit in the grand scheme of globalization.

Know Your Facts

         Research is the basis of any job well done. A thorough investigation into the content requirements and expectations can help set strict guidelines on both ends. Research the locality and the audience the translated materials are intended for. Languages are fluid and social, cultural and political environments are always shifting. Staying on top of these trends and changes will allow you to provide the most accurate and appropriate translation. The professional help of a Spanish language translation service can help ease your tensions as they provide a comprehensive look at all these aspects.

Understanding Your Audience

         Know your audience! It will help you achieve maximum outreach. However, there are several factors to consider tone and style, locale, and idioms. Let us have a closer look.

  •       Tone and Style – understand what type of text you are translating so you can preserve the style of the content. Pronouns like “tu” and “usted” are not used for the same audiences and you want to avoid any confusion for the intended readers. A Spanish translation agency can make sure that content is carried out with the proper style and tone.
  •       Locale – as we have discussed Spanish is diverse as language. Therefore, it is important to understand the locality of your target audience because terms and phrases used in one region may not make any sense to Spanish speakers in other regions.
  •       Idioms – it is recommended that you exclude idioms altogether. It is hard enough translating straightforward content adding idioms to the mixture may only garner confusion within your audience. Idioms are not universal and can translate to an entirely different meaning.

Focus on Meaning

         This is a slightly difficult concept to understand, however, it is the most fundamental one. It is important to translate the meaning of your source text rather than the words. In most cases, literal translations can seem unnatural and might be incomprehensible for your target audience. Sometimes, this can be using human translation, compared to a machine translation where merely the words are translated. Although, the Spanish translation company your hire can offer a better insight into your various options.

Rise of a Language

Spanish is the 3rd most used language on the internet, growing 1,312.4% in the last 15 years.  It’s one of the top 10 languages for mobile app localization and also fuels a significant gamer population. Latin America has a rapidly growing game industry, with the highest year-on-year growth for games in the world (20.1% this year) for a $4.1 billion total revenue.

         When looking to expand your horizons into the global market index you want to ensure there is no room for error. Make sure you are always not only submit errorless content but make sure that the Spanish translation agency of your choosing has tools set in place to assist them in their proofreading.

Why LatinoBridge?

It is a cutthroat marketing world. Many companies are beginning to rely upon gimmicks to grab consumer attention, but at LatinoBridge have no such desire. Being the leading Spanish translation agency our goal is to bridge the communication gap across the globe. The main top four reasons why we stand apart from our competition:

  1.     We have a global reach due to our multilingual team member that can help you with nearly any translation on this planet.
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  3.     We ensure that every decision is led by our customer, without your “ok” not even a ‘.’ can make it to the final round.
  4.     In addition, most importantly we guarantee a simple streamlined process – right from the beginning we set you up with a project manager who will guide you along until the very end.

So see how you can benefit from your professional Spanish translation services, contact our sales management team today.