Link build is time-consuming and most don’t do it because it can take forever.  Often times the results are poor because of how long it takes. But it doesn’t have to be that way.  There are tips and tricks below in this article that will help you build links like a boss!

Finding Blogs

The first thing you need to do is curate a list of potential blogs for outreach.  Sure, there are multiple methods and some are more successful than others. We will outline two effective methods you can use.

Chase backlinks from your competitors. This is the single best method because these blogs link out to your competitors. They are more than likely to link to your website as well. This type of link prospecting should always be your first priority.

The next method is to search Google for websites that accept guest posts.  You can do this by typing in your subject plus write for us in quotes in a Google search.

Example:  marketing + “write for us”

You can also change the “write for us” to other related words like “guest posts” or “contributor” which all work well for finding these opportunities.

Types of Links

You can find quest posting opportunities but with link building, there are also other forms.  You may want to focus on broken link building which is finding links that are no longer working.  Then create a resource to replace these links.

Or you can do niche edit link building which is quick and easy. Here you ask a blogger to edit there content to add your link to an existing page of theirs.  But why would they do this?  This really only works if you perform some sort of exchange or create a good enough resource they would want to add it to their page.

Outreach Process

The actual outreach process is hugely important.  Many of the blogs receive tons of request every day asking to post a guest post.  So, how can you make your email stand out and get an actual response?

You can read the many case studies online that discuss blogger outreach but it really depends on who you are contacting.

If you are contacting a smaller blog operation run by 1-3 people you will want to keep it short and sweet.  These bloggers get overwhelmed by emails and don’t have time to read a book-length email you wrote.  Get to the point as quickly as you can.  I suggest 1-2 sentences max.

If you are pitching a more professional established publication you should provide a little more information. But again, keep it short.  No more than 2-3 sentences.  Just enough information to get your pitch ideas to them.

The two biggest tips for blogger outreach are to personalize the emails and don’t flatter the bloggers.  For some reason back in 2006, someone wrote an article about how you are supposed to give a compliment when sending an outreach email.  Something like telling them how much you enjoyed their article on X subject.  Here’s the problem, its crap and the blogger can see right through that.  Be professional and be short you will do yourselves both a favor by doing so.


Link building doesn’t have to be painful and months to get links.  You can use the steps above to make it easier and more effective.  Just remember to provide quality content and be brief in your email exchanges.