Wedding planning is all about connecting with the clients on a deeper level, understanding their vision and turning it into reality, and helping them have a memorable wedding.

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If you have a passion to organize events, micromanaging the little details, from wedding rings to photography, and you don’t get overwhelmed under pressure then you should embark on wedding planning as a full-blown career. It is not an easy task to start a business from zero ground. So, our experts have devised a few tips to direct on kick-starting your wedding planning business.

Get Relevant Education:

It is not compulsory to have a degree for becoming a wedding planner but getting relevant education will help you build a professional image in the eyes of clients. There are institutes that offer event planning programs. These programs will teach you things like negotiating a contract, planning a wedding under budget, how to market your business and to get clients. So it is a key step to acquire a relevant set of skills before you start your business.

Get Hands-on Experience:

Just passing a course will never get you fully equipped for the final event. For that, you need to have some hands-on experience. To get the said experience you can do an internship for other wedding planning companies or get into a mentoring program. By doing this you will get to work with seasoned professionals. It will help you obtain the full insight of the behind the scene craziness of wedding planning. How to handle emergencies and concerns? How to make sure that the guests enjoy the event? You will get tips on launching your own wedding planning business. Finally, it will make a tremendous difference in putting you ahead of the rest.

Make Connections:

Networking is imperative for your business. Once you start your wedding planning business you have to get yourself out there by connecting with local vendors and your peers. Join local industry networking groups and do a partnership with Booze Cruise Fort Lauderdale. These connections will take you a long way in building your clientele. That’s because wedding planners are free on most cruise lines and ships. This makes it much easier to coordinate supplies. You will work with an expert who has done it hundreds of times before!

Figure out your Niche:

Figure out what kind of events do you want to work on and are more your style. Do you want to plan low budget events or you like working on events with a sky-high budget? Are you going to be a Day of the event planner or a Full-service planner? If you gravitate towards Destination weddings then adhere to it. By knowing your style you will plan accordingly and will know what to market to the client.

Marketing your Business:

Nowadays people just write wedding planners in their Instagram bio and deem it enough. The most important step while marketing your business is to make a viable website. It will show your client that you are professional and serious about your business. You need to have your portfolio on the website to attract the clients. 

This can be achieved by hosting the brand shoot. Hire a professional photographer and build a collection of photos to post on social media sites and your professional business website. It will portray your esthetics and your style to potential customers. We know that investing money at this point will feel a little overwhelming but it is going to be worth it at the end. Pinterest is really big in the wedding planning industry because it’s the first place people visit while planning their wedding. Make sure you have a presence on Pinterest. Make a strong brand identity for your business and stay consistent with it.

No matter how many key steps you follow, you are not going to be success full in this wedding planning endeavor unless you have the required skills. You need to remain calm under pressure, have excellent communication skills, and need to be good with money and know-how to stretch a dollar. You should work creatively and know how to manage things on time. Last but not least define a code of ethics for your business and work with honesty, integrity and professionalism.