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Your career will take up a lot of your time, focus and attention. After all, this is where you invest your intellectual property, learn about yourself and the world around you. How people advance their careers has drastically changed over the last few decades. With the emergence of the internet especially, job hunting has become a lot easier and for many, far more convenient. It is also worth noting that tech has made a significant impact on how people develop their careers.  On that note, we explore below how tech can be used to push your career forward.

Improve Employability

If you want to move forward in your career, making yourself more employable is a must. Doing so makes you a valuable asset to an organization and gives you more collateral to bargain with. Even if your goal is to get a promotion at your current place of employment, showing that you have the right skills and add value is essential. Tech is a perfect way to do this because so many companies are incorporating it into their daily activities. Below are a few tech-related skills worth focusing on:

  • Artificial Intelligence: You’ve probably heard a lot about AI and how it’s being used for automation within businesses. For this reason, being knowledgeable in this area should make you more employable to companies looking to get ahead.
  • Mobile developers: In the coming years, the demand for people who can create apps will continue increasing. For mobile developers proficient in Objective-C/ Swift and who use Xcode development environment and Cocoa Touch Framework, you could be a valuable asset!
  • Big data: So many companies realize the power of data and what it can do to grow their respective businesses. If you have this tech skill and can help gather as well as make sense of this data, you could land yourself a great job.
  • The Cloud: The cloud has proven to be a saving grace for businesses globally. It could be because of how convenient it is as well as the benefits it offers in terms of saving both time and money. If you’re skilled in this department, you could have a competitive edge.

Online Training Apps

Another way that tech can help you push your career forward is through the use of online training apps. They are changing the way people further their careers by providing alternative forms of learning. This is perfect for individuals who are working and want to get training simultaneously so don’t have much free time. With platforms like the edX online training app, they could do so no matter where they’re located which provides an excellent opportunity for them. Another benefit of such training is that you can do them digitally, saving you the stress of having to go to campus for classes, meaning you can earn professional certificates from the comfort of your home.

Expand Your Network

Expanding your network can help when trying to push your career forward. You need to expose yourself to different types of people, especially those that are where you want to be. You should also know that opportunities usually come to individuals before they appear on job sites. Thanks to tech like social platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, you’re now able to network with people from around the world expose yourself to more significant opportunities.

Pushing your career forward isn’t an impossible task. Although everyone faces unique challenges, people manage to make the most of their situation every day. However, tech has helped transform the way people advance their careers and create greater access to opportunities as a result.