Once your sales team creates a telephone sales strategy using multiple numbers, CRMs, mobile sales teams, and/or interactive voice response systems all available via a VoIP or SIP Trunking Unified Communications (UC) system set up, the next step is to map out the customer sales journey.

Full Call Reporting:

The system logs every incoming call for each campaign and the telephone number set enters a call log report. This report shows the exact number of calls generated per campaign. You can check peak call times off-peak call times and sort calls using other parameters such as demographics by comparing calls to the CRM system info logged.

Queue Performance Reports:

All call centers rely on important information such as dropped or abandoned calls, call waiting times, talk time, and how many answered incoming versus non-answered calls there were. From a sales team and customer services perspective, the information from performance reports gives insights into optimal operating hours, employee overloads or shortages, and where training would benefit sales personnel.

Start-to-End Call Logging:

You can track individual calls from start to end with full call recording enabled. There are several reasons this information is useful. From the point, the call hits the system to the point it ends, call holds, every call transfer, disconnected calls, and call times for each instant is traceable. If there is a customer complaint, every aspect of the call is retractable. Plus these calls are perfect training material.

Schedule Your Call Reports:

With Unified Communications (UC) solutions, you can customize and schedule reports. An auto-email system will send the report to selected inboxes such as marketing managers, sales managers, and you can set up permission-based cloud access to reports so the relevant parties can view reports at any time.

Remote Locations:

All the above does not require an office to do your company’s bidding. You can have a sales team with VoIP phones at home and still run a secure telephony network. You will need to make sure your staff has VPN software by searching companies such as thebestvpn.in, a high-speed internet connection, and ensure their home computers are fully up to date with the latest anti-virus software.

Weighing Up Unified Communications (UC) solutions

Unified Communications solutions (UC) via SIP trunking or VoIP PBX gives industries that reply on telephone sales complete control over sales calls and campaign management. It gives you the ability to create sales and campaign strategies, and you can easily integrate strategies and campaigns with your e-comm and digital marketing operations.

There is no limit to the data your analysts can collect and review. CRMs help to collect more personalized data such as geographics and demographics, you can create customer records, log information about devices used to make calls, and calls are traceable from the start to the endpoint, plus all this can include call recording.

All in all, Unified Communications solutions are the ideal management tool for call and campaign tracking, strategy creation, and data analysis that allows your business to streamline its telephone sales channels.