Understanding the real reason behind raising the capital is the initial step in determining the time to raise it. Many investors are seeking for a scope and opportunity for making a considerable return on their investments in order to desire a plausible route to such returns. The main question that arises is “what all can be accomplished with this capital?”

We need to think in aspects of the discrete milestones that any business organizations need to achieve for being successful. Obtaining these milestones need to significantly reduce the risk of failing of the company and increasing the company’s valuation for any future funding when required. It is also very much necessary to understand the accompanied tradeoffs along with raising capital from external sources.

External capital may assist the company in its growth very quickly as compared to the other sources. However, the external capital creates a relationship with the investor which is very different from a company in operation and accountability of the brand. This is very much relevant in the case of alums of Marc and Goldman Jacobs.

AUrate New York, the jewelry startup based in Manhattan, has the filled the start up the world with great and encouraging news for the new startup seekers by raising $2.63 million in a funding round as reported by The Wall Street Journal.

The investors of the company included Victress Capital and Arab Angel. The fine start up has altered the perception of the experience of the people in the jewelry industry as it announced regarding its raised fund in the new capital. The company was launched by the co-CEOs and co-founders Sophie Kahn and Bouchra Ezzahraoui in the month of December of 2015 to confront the lack of options regarding affordable, ethical and contemporary jewelry.

The co-founders have proved to be a powerhouse duo that comes from the career backgrounds in finance and fashion. These super ladies have established a brand that is predicated on the transparency of the products it deals with a great deal of clean and aesthetics. The huge raised investment has proved to be a definite reflection of the commitment of AUrate in the spheres of high-quality materials, a unique experience of the clients and excellent craftsmanship.

The co-founder of AUrate, Bouchra Ezzahraoui stated “ The raised fund will assist us in investing in the hiring process of the required talent for growing and scaling our business along with expanding the objectives, missions and offerings of AUrate for providing a place for the individuals so as to purchase jewelry that are contemporary in style, high in quality, sourced from ethical resources, priced at very reasonable rates and most importantly being handmade in the city of New York.”

All the jewelry that AUrate provides is real and pure gold which is ethically sourced and hand made in the city of New York. This has allowed the company’s team for effectively managing the complete lifecycle of the process of the jewelry manufacturing. One of the pillars of the brand of AUrate is the policy of giving back to the domestic communities.

Moreover, the provision of the opportunities and scope to the amazing artisans which are based in New York who get associated or partner with them is another pillar of the company, which makes it giving back to the Charter schools. AUrate has been donating a book for every sale of a single piece of jewelry to an unprivileged child belonging to the economically backwards class through the program of “A Book for Your Look” of the company.

The majority of the company’s donations are directed to the schools of Mastery Charter and the Centre for Bowery Mission Women. AUrate has the record of donating more than 5,000 books till date which is a direct reflection of around 5,000 pieces of the sold jewelry.

The New York based company has very high plans regarding its future endeavours which include the wide scale expansion of the business team of the company. This would enhance the team of the company regarding their focus and orientation on the efforts in the area of marketing along with opening new stores.

The company, till date, has its permanent store and location in the city of New York. The company launches its unique jewelry pieces which last for many months and the company’s commitment to the social impact is very much reflected. AUrate has been securing a position in the global sphere which has leaded the way in a very significant transformation in the industry of fine jewelry.

AUrate was funded in the month of November in 2014 by the alumni of Princeton who happen to be long time friends, Sophie Kahn and Bouchra Ezzahraoui. The company deals with fine jewelry have greatly focused on the delivery of products which are high in quality at very affordable prices.

AUrate is doing a commendable job in bringing transformation to the way people perceive and experience fine jewelry by retaining core traits of sustainability, transparency, and social impact. AUrate has a single permanent location which is situated on the Madison Avenue of New York City in the United States of America. The company is funded by a group of investors which include Victress Capital and Arab Angel.

About Victress Capital:

Victress Capital is a renowned forum of the female leaders in business who are interested in investing and supporting the businesses that are led by women and have a high rate of growth potential.

About Arab Angel:

Arab Angel Fund is a renowned early stage venture capital company that is focused on “Series A” and “Seed” investment scope and opportunities with the business organizations which have expansion potential on the internal level. Arab Angel is an investment company that is strategic in the induction of its business which provides wide range access for outstanding entrepreneurs that seek to enter the Larger Middle East & North Africa (MENA), Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), and the markets of Western Asia.