Low section of young woman getting laser treatment on leg at spa

A number of people suffer from unwanted hair on various parts of their body. They go through minor to extreme methods to remove this unwanted hair. Some of these methods, such as waxing and shaving, can cause skin irritation, bumps, rashes, burns, pain, and more. For these reasons and more, many people look for better options. One technique that has become popular is laser hair removal; but more specifically, IPL Hair Removal.

IPL laser hair removal was originally created to treat conditions like dry eyes, pigmented skin, and aging. It is commonly used for the progression of skin neglect and scleroprotein; however, one of its most useful functions has become hair removal.

Both Laser and IPL innovations work utilizing warm light to damage the hair follicle repressing hair development. With IPL Hair Removal, lightweight waves are absorbed by the dark pigment within the skin (your hair!). Once that energy hits the dark pigment, known as a chromophore, it is regenerated to heat that causes injury to the follicle. This injury keeps the hair from growing back; although, maintenance may be necessary to start with.

Everyone’s hair grows differently and is influenced by different components such as hormones. For this reason the number of treatments will vary per person. In addition, the body parts treated will also be different. IPL Hair Removal can be used almost anywhere, but is usually focused on the following areas:

  • · Upper lip
  • · Chin
  • · Face
  • · Arms
  • · Underarms
  • · Chest
  • · Back
  • · Legs
  • · Brazillian

IPL Hair Removal is performed in the privacy of your home with the use of a handheld device. This device is lightweight and fits well in the palm of the hand. Shaving is recommended prior to use in order for the laser to better find the hair follicles. In addition, not shaving can cause the hair to singe which can burn the skin. Without shaving, the treatment will not be as effective. This is a big selling point for the device because people do not like having to grow out their hair before having it removed, especially because of appearance and discomfort.

The IPL Hair Removal device is placed directly flush on the skin and moved over the area to be lasered. The amount of time this takes is dependent upon the size of the area being treated. This usually takes only a matter of minutes which is another reason it has become such a popular hair removal treatment. Also, results are noticeable in only about four to five uses, and complete results are accomplished after about 12 uses.

Most people say that IPL Hair Removal is virtually pain free, unlike various other methods of hair removal. Some say there may be a light sting similar to the feeling of being snapped by a rubber band or pinched lightly, but not painful. It is most uncomfortable during and after the first treatment. Any discomfort is easily manageable with the use of a mild pain reliever such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen.

IPL Hair Removal is much more affordable than other hair removal treatments. It is about one fourth of the cost in comparison to clinical laser treatments. It is also a one time purchase as opposed to waxing and shaving in which materials have to be purchased on a regular basis throughout a lifetime to be rid of unwanted hair.

For those struggling with unwanted hair on most any part of their body, IPL Hair Removal may be a good option. It is easy to do using a lightweight handheld device that smoothly glides across the skin. It is basically painless and does not cause rashes, bumps, burns, or skin irritation making it superior to other methods. Any discomforts are easily treated and it is affordable.


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