Seamless document management is what you need to run your business effectively. Thanks to today’s technology that many software products are created to help you easily manage your business documents. Among these products, there is LogicalDOC that offers many great features for users. Find out how the software will improve the document management system of your business on the following page.


LogicalDOC is a user-friendly platform specially designed to provide a web-based document management solution for business needs. The software many things for users. These include a wide range of options to upload, organize, and distribute your business documents. Not only that but the software will also make it possible for you to enjoy an intuitive and sleek workflow designer as well as improve your management abilities. Using the software will allow you to share various coauthored documents with your co-workers. You can also use the software to keep tracking of the alterations you made to the documents. This will provide you with absolute control over the document management of your company.

Audit Trail

One of the most common issues faced by companies is losing important documents and valuable information kept on them due to human errors or other. This is how installing the software will be beneficial the most for your business. The software keeps detailed records of any change you make. The records are then stored in the database so you will not lose them once a technology or human error occurs. Additionally, the meticulous data trail applied in the document management system will also allow you to search for changes created for a certain document.

Agenda Manager

This software has interesting features to help you keep up with your personal tasks and the process involved. These include a calendar engine that can be accessed simply from the personal dashboard of each user. In this way, they can create, manage, access, as well as modify calendar events right from their browser. Not only that but you will also get email related to your personal tasks. It is just like you have a personal reminder, much for your pleasure.

Workflow Management

LogicalDOC also comes with a workflow engine to allow you to administrate and distribute a task system to your co-workers. The feature enables you to insert, delegate, and assign users easily. In this way, you can visualize a personalize tasks and allow others to see it while creating the documents. As for those who you assign the task to complete will receive a notification through email about it.

Document Distribution

Distributing documents with this software is easy to do. This will make it easy for you to share business documents with different platforms and networks in a wide array of ways. Not only that but this software can also integrate with other document cloud-storage applications. These include ShareFile, Dropbox, Zoho Docs, Google Drive, and alternative to Zoho. It means that you can both share and upload from these applications as well. It will provide you with peace of mind and reduce stress when sharing documents from other formats. If you need a more detailed guide on document sharing you can check this article.