According to, 95 million Instagram posts are shared on a regular basis.  Instagram has millions of users who are active monthly as well as regularly and it is currently a powerful social networking site that helps businesses to market products as well as builds brand awareness easily. From the corporate businesses to the individual bloggers, everyone is making use of Instagram for marketing and growing the business with the help of this amazing visual platform. They are constantly trying various tricks for building a huge following. However, most of them do not consider converting the website visitors that they have into the Instagram followers.

Only adding an Instagram button for following you through your website is not going to help. The best manner in which you can convert the visitors into your followers is by displaying the content directly from the Instagram channel on the WordPress site. This is going to help you in grabbing the attention of the visitors with the help of the visual content. You will also be able to build your following in an easy manner.

Why should you promote Instagram through the website that you have

Apart from increasing the followers, there are various WordPress themes, which will help in highlighting the dedicated contents from the Instagram channel. This is going to help in promoting the products, the entire brand, and your business in a much more effective manner. Since the Instagram contents that you post are mostly real life pictures, displaying them with the help of the WordPress website is going to assist you in connecting with the audience personally.

Using your Instagram feed for displaying the photos that are taken by your customers is also one of the best ways for getting them involved in promoting your brand. It is also one of the best manners of telling stories and taking the website visitors for behind the scene tour of the business. For the WordPress users, this is a process that is extremely easy. The only thing that you have to do is find Instagram compatible themes that will help in integrating your Instagram account with your WordPress website.

However, you need to understand that no special themes are available for specifically promoting Instagram. However, there are numerous WordPress themes, which can support Instagram and they are known to come with various features as well as widgets for promoting the content with the help of your website. You need to be aware of certain tips before you are finding an ideal WordPress theme.

Given below is a list of the tips that will help you to find WordPress themes, which are going to work perfectly with your Instagram account.

Reposting to Instagram

It is definitely going to be great if you can automatically republish the blog posts to your Instagram account. This is possible. Some plugins are available for the WordPress websites, like the Instagram Auto Poster, which is going to help in automatically scheduling as well as publishing the WordPress blogs directly to the Instagram account.

It is one of the best ways of promoting all the blog posts through your Instagram account without having to go through any hassles. Whenever you are looking for any Instagram WordPress theme, it is your duty to see if the theme is supporting or including these kinds of plugins.

A beautiful and amazing photo gallery

For most of the businesses, Instagram is undoubtedly the primary channel of marketing. In this case, it is obvious that you are going to require an amazing image gallery that consists of bold images for displaying the content from the Instagram channel directly on your WordPress site.

You should be looking for the perfect theme, which is known to come with an amazing photo gallery along with a layout that is clean. You should at least ensure that the theme that you have selected provides more than a single option for displaying the Instagram photos from your feed, like the carousels or the image sliders. If by mistake you have chosen a theme, which does not have a mesmerizing gallery, you can use plugins like Instagram Feed for adding the Instagram powered gallery directly on your website. In order to know more as to how you can get more likes on the Instagram posts, you can visit

Looking for the Instagram widgets

There is no need of purchasing plugins if you can come across the ideal theme right at the beginning. There are numerous WordPress themes that are known to come with the Instagram widgets, where you will be capable of adding the Instagram feed to the website sidebar or the footer area.

One such amazing theme is Highfill, which can utilize both the footer as well as sidebar widgets for integrating the Instagram feed with the site. All the themes do not have widgets and therefore it is important that you check the themes before you are purchasing a particular widget.

Minimalist layout for highlighting photography

Apart from the widgets and integrations, you can also ensure that your WordPress is clean and has a minimal layout, which is going to provide more focus to the photos. You can choose the amazing Daze WordPress theme, which is not only known to have widgets for integrating your Instagram feed but it is also known to feature a minimalist layout for highlighting the website content that you have with the help of photos. You should try to opt for this kind of a theme if you are interested in taking advantage of both the photos as well as the Instagram content together.

Using WordPress plugins

Chances are that you have already selected a beautiful theme but in case it does not have the required widgets, you can purchase a plug-in. Look for plugins that will help you in integrating the Instagram account easily with the WordPress website and display the Instagram photos, hashtag feeds, and account feed in a variety of ways. This is considered to be one of the easiest and cost efficient ways of helping the old WordPress themes work with your Instagram account.


There are numerous ways that can be used for using your Instagram account with the WordPress site for promoting the business. The only thing that you have to do is change the theme that you are using or take the help of plugins.