Rule number one for any local business that wants to survive is simple: have an online presence that can be marketed. The reason a lot of online businesses are unable to break even, or even continue for over a year, is because they do not adapt to the digital age and what it requires from businesses.

The best ways that local businesses can thrive in their respective industries is to ensure that they have an online presence, a digital strategy, and the ability to adapt to digital marketing. To make this information more straightforward and easy to access, here are five different ways in which local businesses can adjust to digital marketing:

1.    Be on social media platforms

Social media is the most important medium to get your message across. For every small or large business owner, an online social media presence can make your service or product more accessible and can make it easier for consumers to interact with the brand as well. A lot of social media platforms allow consumers to leave reviews and share their thoughts on the product as well. If you think about it, it’s almost free marketing!

2.    Be on Google Places

No matter how big or small your office, or how near or far to the city, having a physical location on Google Places is a way for consumers to check the authenticity and reliability of the business. Some small business owners even mark the general vicinity of their homes as their office address. This is because consumers like to feel as if a company, despite it being online or otherwise, has a physical store or office somewhere.

In case the business does have an office or a store, then having the location on Google Places not only gives it more authenticity, but it also ensures that it can be easily found by someone using Google maps or directions.

3.    Build up reviews on online platforms

Another great way to make your business’ online presence even better is to have consumers rate and review the service and product. This can be done on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram etc., but websites such as Google Reviews and Trust Pilot have a much larger audience and are also divided into categories and niches to make it easier for consumers to find relevant businesses in a particular group.

4.    Advertise their products/services on online platforms

VM Interactive Studies suggest that consumers and their purchasing power is linked heavily to the advertisements they view on social media. This is why social media advertising has now become a million-dollar industry. Businesses with social media presences can use in-site promotions to market their products or services to a particular target audience. The algorithms used by these websites ensure that the target audience comes across these websites and that massively increases their web traffic and sales. Sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Snapchat are the best options for businesses aiming to have a better online presence.

Another great way to do this is by taking to social media influencers! A lot of brands send their products or services to these influencers for their honest reviews. This can be paid or unpaid, but these reviews are often brutally honest and allow that influencers audience to get a trustworthy source tell them about what they are trying. If your product or service is good, then this is a great way to market yourself online.

5.    Have a mobile-friendly website set up

The last thing a local business can do is to make a site that has a mobile-friendly interface. Most consumers will use their mobile phones to access websites, especially if they are scrolling through social media when they see an advertisement. For that very reason, a crisp, clean, and easy to use website that is mobile friendly can make any consumer become attracted to the content.

All business owners can increase their target audience, their web traffic, and their sales, by using the points mentioned above. An online presence is mandatory in this day and age, for every kind of business, but just having an online presence is not enough. It is often useless to have an online presence if it cannot be marketed the way it should be. A great digital strategy coupled with the adaptability to digital marketing can ensure that every business owner has the best shot at expanding their business through their online presence.