During winter, car tires will need some help to make sure that they have better traction on icy and slippery roads. This is the season for tire chains, one that would entice a car owner to look for the best snow chains available in the market.

There are two alternatives for car tires that owners can try out. There are cables or chains that one can use although the latter is said to be better than the former. Chains offer better traction and longer life while cables may not last as long as them since they are lighter. Both cables and chains come in handy although there are concerns on the clearance between a tire and the vehicle. Thankfully there are now chains that meet the Class S requirements, broadening choices according to price and the vehicle where they will be installed.

Winter comes only once a year and the icy road conditions can cause problems. It would be best to take note that there are certain regions who have strict laws on their use. Hence, some may need to install and uninstall them at times, depending on the road conditions.

Tire chains should only be used when there is a layer of snow or ice on the road. Cars on bare tires are likely to slip, a reason why these car chains are used for better traction. It would be also best to note that car chains are not to be used on bare pavements. This will result in damage to one’s tires and the road, a double whammy that could be costly. It may be added work but a must for people who prefer to use their cars on snowy weather.

When buying them, car chains are normally sold in pairs. In most cases, these should be sufficient and meet the legal requirements of certain regions when it comes to their use. But before actually purchasing them, it would be best to see if they fit the drive wheels. As mentioned above, there is a certain clearance level that needs to be met, something that differs across different car makes and models.

For those wary about the responsibility of using tire chains, snow tires loom as an alternative. With the latest tread designs plus compounds to provide proper traction even on severe snow conditions, they loom as the best option although cost a whole lot more.

The good news is that they can also be used on dry roads, addressing the concerns of the damages that tire chains may render on pavement roads. They come in two variants: studless and lightweight studs. Lightweight studs are metal studs embedded in the tread for better grip on snow and icy roads while studless tires make use of different rubber compounds and tread patterns instead of metal to enhance traction. On average, one snow tire costs between $150 to $190, depending on the brand.

The decision on whether to use tire chains or a snow tire will depend on where a person resides. Folks who live in the upper half of North America would do good to invest in snow tires while the rest could make it an option or go for the cheaper tire chains. It all depends on one’s budget and how often they would use cars during snowy weather. Chains are important but also bring added responsibility each time cars are used on icy roads.

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