Getting unemployed in the middle of this ongoing pandemic can destroy your life. This is, sadly, the current reality for many around the country. Thankfully, unemployment benefits can help a person feed themselves and their families as they find new jobs. This would be wonderful if getting the unemployment benefits claim wasn’t so difficult. Consulting a Business attorney in California will give you the best chance of your claim getting approved.

What can you do if your claim gets rejected, even though you are fully eligible for it? You can file an appeal and get the issue sorted with a second try. But first, you have to understand the reason your claim got rejected.


This is the most common reason behind unemployment rejection. Most states have a clear no for people that quit their jobs themselves without any major reason. What reason counts as a major one is up to the local laws and the unemployment office to decide.


A person is eligible for unemployment if they got fired from a job or company just closed. But, if they were fired because of some violations or other misconduct, then there is a chance that their unemployment claim will get rejected.


There is a minimum number of hours you have to work or wages you have to earn in the past year before getting laid off to qualify for unemployment benefits. Not meeting these requirements will result in a direct rejection, no questions asked.

Filing an Appeal

Thankfully, the first time is not the only chance you get. You can file an appeal for unemployment to look further into your case. It is always advised to consult California Business Attorneys Nakase Wade before taking any action.

The process of appealing is extremely simple, and the form might even come with the decision letter. Once you have filed an appeal, a hearing will be arranged. This hearing is for you to present the evidence that supports your appeal.

For example, let’s say your claim got canceled because your previous employer showed fewer wages than you actually earned. You can bring your check receipts and other documentation to prove that you earned over the minimum requirements. Similarly, if the issue is with hours worked, you can bring in a testimony.