There are a lot of people who wonder if there is any application like Garageband for PC or not. A lot of people also want to know if Garageband for Windows 10 and 7 exists or not. If you have visited some blogs then you will come to know that Garageband for PC really exists. So all the thoughts about these questions have vanished. Wait! Wait! It’s not so as there is no Garageband for PC. The reason is that the authentic application can be loaded only with fixed features and these are not for PC. But this application can be enjoyed on the PC with the help of an amazing program known as Mixcraft. In this article, more information about Mixcraft will be provided with regard to the Garageband. Let’ discuss this app in detail.

Why Mixcraft?

If you are a Garageband user then you are addicted to its comprehensive user interface and drag and drop menus. For all Apple products, it is the key selling point. In all the releases, the brand just concentrates a lot on amazing and modern technology along with creativity. It is also true that all the Apple products do not perform well on third-party platforms. Garageband is an application with is not an exception. It is impossible to install Garageband on PC but Mixcraft is so handy and becoming so useful.

Why is Garageband so special?

The truth is that the Mixcraft 6 is also known as Garageband for PC. It is highly useful and extremely easy to install. You can install and use it quickly. All the loops and sound effects will not be downloaded until you need to install them. So with Mixcraft 6, most of your hard drive will not be occupied. To make the things more amazing and cool, it is possible to import the loops as well. The application has almost 3000 loops and many sound effects that you will find sensational. These range from Hip-hop, Techno, and Reggae. The application will also delight you a lot if you want to record guitars, bass, and record vocals.

Recording becomes very easy

When you master Mixcraft which is also known as Garageband for PC then recording the vocals will become a piece of cake for you. On a single go, you can click, record, and track the vocals. Once you are done with recording the base track then it is possible to apply different sound effects to fade anything on the timeline. This application is all about automation and it is also known as Garageband for Windows 10 and 7. On a track, it is possible to do mixing on different levels so that you can get what you actually want.

Connection between Melody and Rhythm       

This application has a straightforward window for editing with the help of which you will be able to correct the entire rhythm and melody that seems to be uncoordinated. In the edit window, you will find the notes of all the instruments that you have downloaded and are registered with the application. It is very easy to save, edit, and align music in the Garageband. It is also possible to alter and delete the duration of all the musical notes. It is the main reason this application is so preferred by the music creators. You can also edit the recordings that are from the real instruments.

Adding Different Effects

The built-in effects that are present in the application can be added to different tracks at the same time. You can also add VST effects in the tracks that you are creating. If you have a dry guitar track then you can load it in your application and you can merge it with your recording. This application will provide you a customized way of editing and it is indeed a great facility. The final output that you will get will be just like the raw track you can play on the real instrument. This application also has a big collection of virtual instruments. If you have a MIDI keyboard then you can synchronize it the favorite content you want. These virtual instruments also have sounding facilities that are ethnic and it is possible to add more characters to the tomes. It also has a virtual keyboard that will play the sound as you press the keys of the PC’s keyboard.

The above mention features are not sufficient and the best thing is that you can also edit videos in it. this application will let you edit audio tracks and clips as well.