If you think the sound of your car speaker is not up to your liking, it is time to get a better speaker for a nicer jamming session in your car. Choosing the best speakers for car might seem easy. But the truth is, if you want to get the most excellent sound quality from the new speaker, there are many aspects that you should think about.

Furthermore, considering a good car speaker doesn’t come cheap, you certainly cannot make mistake. To make sure you can choose the most suitable speaker for your car, here are some important things you need to consider.

Which One is the Best, Coaxial or Component Speaker?

Basically, there are two types of car speaker. The first one is coaxial, or also called full range speaker, and the second one is component speaker. To determine which one is the best, you need to figure out what you want from a car speaker first.

Coaxial is the cheaper speaker between the two. All the components—tweeter, woofer and sometimes super tweeter—come as one unit. As a result, installing coaxial speaker is very easy. You simply need to remove the old speaker, replace it with the new one and everything is set.

Even though a good full range speaker is capable to deliver high quality sound, it lacks the crispiness of high tone sound and the clarity of lower tone sound. If you want to listen to wider range of sound with the utmost quality, then component speaker is the best option.

Unlike coaxial speaker, the parts in component speakers are separate. It means, you can place the tweeter, woofer and other components in different places inside your car, which will create a more magical listening experience.

Besides the usual parts like woofer and twitter, component speaker also comes with a crossover filter network and this is the best thing about this speaker. The crossover filter will recognize the frequency of the sound and channel it to the right part. High frequency will go to the twitter while mid-range frequency will be diverted to the woofer. As a result, the speaker will deliver lively and clear high quality audio.

Pay Attention to the Materials

The quality and choice of materials also will determine what kind of sound the speaker is able to produce. For the tweeter, to be able to deliver the warm vibe of high frequency sound, soft materials like polyurethane or silk is the best. However, if you prefer your tweeter to produce a more vibrant and popping sound, harder materials like graphite or metal are the most appropriate choices.

The woofer is in charge of producing mid to lower range sound. To get the pumping bass sound, the woofer must be made of something rigid yet lightweight. The best material for this purpose is certainly polypropylene. But woofer made of woven fabric can deliver nice bass sound as well and it is also a little bit cheaper.

Meanwhile, for the surround, rubber is the best material since it is resistant to heat and humidity. But if you want something cheaper, foam can be a nice option as well.

Compatibility with the Car

When it comes to choosing speaker for car, people tend to pay attention only to the sound quality. This is a big mistake because the compatibility of the speaker with your car is also extremely important. No matter how good the speaker is, if it doesn’t fit in your car then it will be useless.

Size is definitely an important aspect to consider. Make sure you get a car speaker with the right dimension so that it will perfectly fit in your car. If you are not sure of the size of the speaker that you need, simply provide the make and model of your car when you shop for the speaker, and the store definitely can find a suitable speaker for your car.

Power Handling and Sensitivity

You also need to consider the power handling and sensitivity of the speaker. If you have a high-powered system with external amplifier, you need to make sure that the speaker can handle the output of the amplifier. Otherwise, the speaker can be damaged easily. Don’t forget to match the sensitivity of the speaker with the power of the system. The higher the sensitivity of the speaker, the less power it requires.

Since choosing a good car speaker turns out to be pretty challenging, make sure you do some researches first. Besides choosing a speaker that matches your car, make sure it suits your taste too. This way, you can drive conveniently with the best music accompanying you.