If you are in the enviable position to design your dream home, let’s talk flooring; there are lots of adjectives that come to mind – hardwearing, durable, waterproof, attractive and affordable, to name but a few. Different rooms require bespoke choices when it comes to flooring, and this article offers a few suggestions.

  • Bedrooms – Luxury vinyl is perfect for bedrooms, with timber, stone and slate finishes; this product ticks all the boxes and it can be installed on any substrate. Hardwood is another good choice, although more expensive than vinyl. Comfort is more of a factor in sleeping areas and carpet is a popular option, which can be laid on any substrate.
  • Bathrooms – Cork is the preferred flooring for a bathroom, with a soft walking experience that is 100% natural; check out your nearest flooring showroom to see cork flooring already installed, plus the staff are very knowledgeable and can advise you on any aspect of flooring. Luxury vinyl is also suitable for wet rooms and is affordable, with designs to match any concept.
  • Kitchen – Cork flooring such as the Melbourne cork tiles for sale offer a soft and silent walking experience and when sealed, a cork floor is watertight. This is the eco-friendly flooring choice for many homeowners, with sustainable plantations where harvesting takes place every 7-9 years. Luxury vinyl is another popular choice for the kitchen, which is durable and comes in stunning designs. Stone tiles are very attractive and tick all the homeowner’s boxes, plus they last forever!
  • Living Room – Of course, we all love hardwood flooring and if your budget stretches that far, why not? A good alternative is engineered timber, which has a composite multi-layered core and a real timber veneer which looks like real wood. Certainly more affordable, engineered timber flooring offers many stunning finishes. Search online for a flooring specialist and check out their extensive range of engineered timber flooring. Cork also makes for elegant living room flooring and your local flooring showroom is the place to go.
  • Dining Room – Timber is a popular choice and with cork tiles, you can match any decor with a warm and natural material that is sealed with a protective coating. It is a good idea to match with the living room. Indeed, many homes have a single living-dining area, with a complete floor throughout.
  • Outdoor Area – Hardwood decking is a firm favourite and for good reason. Engineered timber decking is an affordable alternative to hardwood, plus it is suitable for outdoors and very appealing to the eye. Natural stone is elegant and hardwearing, while man-made pavers offer inexpensive terrace flooring.

Of course, we are all unique and whatever your preference, the local flooring showroom is the place to go to view a range of flooring in a natural setting. Engineered timber and cork are probably the most popular for residential flooring. The supplier would have a team of professional installers and offer a long warranty on the flooring.