Youtube is a popular video-streaming platform that can provide you with the best amount of entertainment. It can also be a method for you to show the world what you have in mind. You can showcase your skills there and you can show a lot of things to the world on that platform. Some folks have also even used Youtube to make money from advertisements, which then leads other scrubs to believe that they can make money from making Youtube videos.

Now we are not going to judge here because it is not in our place to do so, but not many of those people who think that they can make a living out of Youtube money can actually move to the next phase, which is earning the money itself. They make videos, they upload said videos to Youtube, and then they wait for the money to pour in.

In a utopia, that kind of thing will work for them and they will have money pouring in no time. In the cynical real world, unless their videos are really shocking, they would probably get only a handful of views. Because of how Youtube’s algorithm works, the videos with only a handful of views would never get featured on the front page of Youtube’s dashboard. If it is not featured, the videos would probably get buried by million other videos, all of which might be more popular than the videos in question.

And with that, a fledgeling Youtuber’s dream is dashed and they will turn more cynical of the world. They might end up thinking that the world is cruel and they just want to do something that can harm it.

Okay, maybe that is too much.

The point still stands, though. You cannot just make a video, upload said video, and then expect the money to come pouring in. There are several methods that you can do to increase your chance of getting money by doing Youtube videos, though most of these methods are rarely acceptable in the eyes of many.

What are the methods in question?


One of the worse thing a Youtuber can do but is definitely something that works and nets a lot of viewers. Many have debated whether or not they should judge the person who uses it, but it has started to become a norm these days that it starts to become acceptable.

Creating a clickbait can be done through several means. First, the uploader can use titles in all caps to emphasize on something they want to show (FREE ROBUX or FREE V-BUCKS). They can also put blatant lies followed with a ‘hook’ (QUEEN ELIZABETH OF UK RIDES A HOVERBOARD AND WHAT HAPPENS NEXT WILL SURPRISE YOU). If you think that those titles are stupid, it is because they are stupid. There are still people who fall for them, though, and although they are stupid, we have to admit that they can work.

If not that, they also try putting certain pictures in the thumbnails of their videos. If you see many gaming videos, you will find that the thumbnails often include pictures that can garner the interest of the target audience (in this case, teenage boys). For many times we have seen both the bottom and the chest part of a female character being included in the thumbnails to make the target audience click on them. It can get hilarious sometimes, too, and there are cases where Youtube commenters only come to said video because they wait for the moment in the thumbnail to show up.

Doing keyword research

A tad complex, but the most legitimate method you can try. It involves conducting brief research on a keyword and putting it on the title of a video so that the search engine will show it first when someone searches something using said search engine.

It is pretty hard to do, so that is why scrubs rarely do it. Because reading an article about how to research keywords is as interesting as watching a brick wall gets freshly painted, we are not going to torture you with that.

Instead of that, we want to tell you one proven method to get Youtube views through legitimate means

Which involves buying Youtube views. You see, the way Youtube’s algorithm works, you need to have an increasing amount of views to make Youtube features your video. There is no better way to do this than to buy real Youtube views. When you want to make money, you need to invest money in it, after all, so you should not be afraid of doing this if you want to be successful.

If you are afraid of getting flagged for buying Youtube views, then you should not! Youtube allows you to buy views provided the views are all legitimate. As long as there are no view bots involved, Youtube would not take your videos down.

In conclusion

While you might want to get famous naturally (through video quality and all of those things), the stiff competition can make it hard sometimes. While buying viewers might be something that can be dishonourable at a time, no honourable person has ever won in real life. You have to make good use of all the tools available for you if you want to win, and buying Youtube Views is just one of them.