Tech has revolutionized the world, but still, a lot of us are not very well informed on how to use technology. In fact, tech has its own critics as well who think that depending so much on technology can actually harm us.

While the opinion on this appears to be divided, what we need is to have the right knowledge on tech so we can use it in the right manner because the truth is that using technology in the wrong manner can indeed harm us.

So without much ado, let’s have a look at five best tech pieces of advice anyone can give to you.

  1. Always Keep Your Data Safe

Data security is one of the biggest issues when it comes to the internet. Data hacks are common and even major companies and government websites do not seem to be completely safe.

You need to make sure to prevent your data from getting hacked by first avoiding to put personal information on the web and then making sure it does not reach unsafe hands.

This can be one by using a powerful antivirus that can keep viruses and malware/spyware at bay. Other than this, always backup your data.

  1. Do Not Count Too Much on Technology

Technology can be wrong at times. There are dozens of examples out there. For example, Google Maps can often mess up so make sure to use your judgment too and not just count on technology.

Same goes for home security systems that can get hacked. While they are out there to secure you, they can put you in danger as well so make sure to use technology responsibly.

For example, you use a magnetic card reader to unlock doors, but they can get hacked unless you use one from a good company. We suggest that you try this product as it is quite safe, but you can never completely eliminate the risk.

  1. Keep Hard To Guess Passwords

The only way to control your accounts is to keep a password that is hard to guess. Many people are in the habit of keeping very easy passwords such as their birthdays, city names etc.

This is a huge mistake because anyone close to you can guess such passwords and cause harm to you. Instead, you should use passwords that contain a mix of small and capital letters, in addition to numbers and symbols, too, if allowed.

You can also use different software to help you come up with strong passwords if you cannot think of one on your own. In addition to this, also make sure to avoid common security questions, such as where you grew up.

A security question is a way to crack a password. If your answer is too easy to guess then you’re just welcoming hackers to attack you. Make sure to choose a question the answer to which is tough to guess. Moreover, you can avoid obvious answers.

For example, if your best friend is Kevin and your question is ‘What is the name of my best friend?’, you can answer ‘My classmate Kevin’ instead of just ‘Kevin’. This will make it hard to guess the answer even for people who know that Kevin is your best friend. However, make sure that YOU do not forget the answer otherwise you might get into trouble if you ever have to retrieve your password.

  1. Always Update Your Software

Keep your operating system and all software updated at all times. You can use the auto update feature to put all your worries to rest.

This is important not just in case of computers but phones as well since they can also get attacked.

  1. Shutdown Your Devices

A lot of us are in the habit of keeping some of our devices, such as mobile phones, on at all hours. This is a bad decision since these devices can break down if they don’t get the break that they need, so make sure to shut ‘em down from time to time to allow them to relax.

Keep these simple tips in mind when using technology so that you can enjoy all the benefits it has to offer while avoiding pitfalls.

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