If you are looking for a game that will drive your imagination crazy by giving you a graphic world set in a land filled with places from villages to dungeons and people from peasants to warriors, then Skyrim is the perfect game for you. This action role-playing game boasts of an open world interactive environment which may be played from either a first-person or third-person perspective. To be able to enjoy the game, you may read on and practice using these five helpful tips to playing Skyrim.

Experience the advantage of the first-person perspective.

Sure, playing a game in a third-person perspective will make navigation easier, but opting for the first-person perspective gameplay would really make you feel that you are venturing the world in reality. In-combat plays while in this mode would make it feel even more interesting and exhilarating. Nothing beats getting that realistic feel when playing a game, right?

Stick to your difficulty level.

The default difficulty level of the game is set to beginner, and we could say that it is already tailored to maximize your character’s potential. Some of the fights and quests that you encounter would most certainly prove to be too difficult for that moment, but there is a reason why it is the way it is. The game forces you to first look for other ways to improve your character’s stats before venturing into more difficult battles. You do not have to worry about wasting time enhancing your skills as it could be the time for you to test out better battle strategies against stronger opponents and practice your spells and attacks.

It is your own story.

Do not fret if what you have been doing is so different from the rest. Although the game has a perceived set storyline, you should push the game’s capability in letting you choose your own decisions. Going for unique ways to play the game that suits you would definitely add thrill and excitement into the game. You can brawl with the NPCs you encounter, rob them of their possessions, engage for peaceful and diplomatic negotiations, or even kill them. You can also choose to only be good with magic spells instead of being well-equipped for physical combat. Go do what you want and become a veteran player in Skyrim!

Don’t speed up your travels.

Sometimes it may be tempting to use the fast-travel option to quickly have your way around Skyrim. However, it kind of defeats the purpose of the whole game, which is to enjoy the open world and live out the protagonist’s day to day life without speeding up the pace of the game. Fast-travelling may make you feel as though you’re missing out on the overall experience that the game wants you to have.

Enjoy roaming the world of Skyrim.

Again, Skyrim is an open-world environment. Go wander! Do not just play the game just for its missions and quests. Run your way towards a certain direction, and you might just see something interesting and exciting. You might see something you’ve never even noticed before. A cave? A dungeon? A magical stone? Who knows what you will see out there.

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