“Knock-Knock” It was a courier deliveredat my doorstep, a pair of branded shoes in my hands, without any hassles!!

With the useof mobiles and online digital marketing; the general ways of buying & selling have drastically changed. BRANDS have entered our homes via digitally.

The way of promotion of your brands or products in various forms of electronic media is called Digital Marketing.

Now people tend to spend twice as much time digitally as they spend ten years back. Today even a kid can Google with the help of search keys & buy products. Here comes the concept of “Digital Marketing “. Products on the counter prefer digital marketing to reach their target audience that’s easier & cost efficient.

The market trends of 2018 in regards to digitalmarketing will be:-


V.R. is a trend that will hopefully rise in coming years. Here we use a 360 � degree video that eventually takes you to a digital or virtual world by a pair of glasses/ goggles.

Today’s customers are more precise, savvier and equally efficient. Many brands are using VR to demonstrate their products to consumers that’s viable & economic. Here you get a clearer picture and you get more engaged to the product.

2) Second most trending tool in 2018 will be AUGMENTEDREALITY (AR):

Augmented reality creates rich immersive interactive user experience. Here I will give you a simpler example of Estee Lauder which lets its consumer try out different shades of lipstick virtually on their faces.

Augmented reality apps enable the customers to give them a personal touch and to connect with them online via their smartphones. Like in supermarkets, consumers learn as they screen with AR apps as to what prices are on sales.

3) Next we come to Trending CHATBOTS:

Chatbots are a form of artificial intelligence a human robot that will connect with consumer. According to a data given by Business Insider 80% of businesses will catapult by using Chatbots by the end of 2020.

Chatbots will be used to gather data, create questions & answers to find out what our target audience needs. It will be a 24/7 service. If not done, 2018 is the best year to start off your business with the help of Chatbots!!

4) Fourth we come to OTT (OVER THE TOP) :

Consumers or audience are now cutting chord &will use OTT more during the year 2018. For example as IPL LEAGUE, Broadcasting rights shifted from Max to Star TV which has it’s own popular OTT (HOTSTAR)
(VOOT) too.

Here consumer can simply download HOTSTAR APP. Loginand check into the latest matches which they love to watch.

These 2018 Marketing will be focusing on Big picture of digital marketing through strategic planning but the approach should be positive.

Ajit Mohan CEO of Hot Star sums up “Last year the viewers were 100 million but due to OTT it will switch to mega- 130 million viewers by digital platform”.

With customers getting more impatient, picky and demanding than ever, BRANDS that don’t take advantage of digital marketing trends will be at loss.

INDIA ad spends to grow by 12.5% in 2018: Report [Dentsu Aegis]

Whereas Digital media spend is forecasted toincrease around 30% in year 2018 with a rise of 43.6% growth.

We can entitle this Tsunami only due to high- speednetworks at low-cost, and smartphones in user’s hand!!

Globally digital ad spends are expected to overtaketelevision with a growth of 12.6%

Summing up, I would just say these are the latest trending marketing tools but with time it will become more analytic and broad by the end of 2020.

Snehal Tanwar is an Online Marketer with 5 years of experience in Digital Marketing Company. He had the exposures to online reputation management services, pay per Click and Search Engine Optimization techniques and other digital marketing services.