Spying is not a legal thing to do but there are certain circumstances when one feels the need for tracking a device for safety and security purpose. There are few rules that one needs to know before making a step forwards towards spying on a specific person’s iphone or any other android device.

A concerned parent might wish to know what the children are up to and in case the child does not share things with parents then there is no other way for finding out the personal history. Employers might need to track their worker’s phone in case there is a case of leaking information that might turn out to be dangerous for the company. Cheating spouse is also one major situation where a partner feels the need to check what the other partner is doing. Here are some basic rules that one must know-

  • Parents can spy on their kids without letting them know only and only if the device used by the kids is registered under parent’s name and identification proof. This provides their parents with the license to track the device without letting the kids know.
  • Employers can spy on the device of their workers but the workers needs to be informed about the same. This might be included in the clause as well so that the employees are aware of device under tracking.
  • Spouse can spy on the phone by letting their partner know. In case one does not want to inform before spying then one can go for hiring private investigators and other service providers.

There are various spy on iphone apps available. All these apps have been there for more than a decade and each of them works on multiple operating systems. The first thing that one needs to know before installing a spy on iphone app is the operating system of the device. There are some apps that work on all the operating systems and one can use the one that suits the best. The purpose and target area of each and every spy can be different. Some would like to track the instant messaging services whereas some would like to have the details of the various apps and calls. Here are some features of spy on iphone apps that one might choose from-

  • One can chose to spy on calls, record messages and voice mails, and also emails.
  • One can keep a track of the GPS location to know where the targeted device is.
  • Parents might want to monitor the internet usage by their kids and restrict its use to a certain time limit or even block the use of some web sites.
  • One can access gallery and have a look at the pictures and videos one has in store.
  • One can remotely access the various apps like face book and messenger.

Whatever the need is there is a spy on iphone app that would fit accordingly. One just needs to install and get going with the monitoring.