Employees Monitoring App Helpful

With the second wave of Epidemic in different regions, countries are locking down the educationalinstitutions as well as offices. It means that employees will be working from home. The situation makes it difficult for employers to handle all these employees.The software provides the best assistance and can help employers in monitoring the employees during this Epidemic. It can be done by installing app on the personal devices of employees like tablets, smartphones and personal computers. The following features of monitoring software can be used to manage the employees effectively.

Call Recorder

Employees are working from their homes, and you are in a separate part of the country where you cannot call them frequently or stay in contact with them. To make sure that they are not freeloading and are working on the projects, TheOneSpy can assist you in listening to all the calls and texts. It can act as your ears and can record all the incoming and ongoing calls of your employees. It then makes a summary of the recordings. You can access this remotely. All the recording can be sent to your email for monitoring.

Providing Emails Content

The app provides this impressive feature where it unlocks all kinds of account of employees. It may seem not polite, but employers can use this feature to monitor the employees working from home. By seeing the emails of employees, the employer can confirm the safety of official documents and signed contracts. The best employee monitoring software goes through all the emails and then sends real-time reports to employers.Notifications are sent to the email and can be accessed remotely.

Bookmarks Keeper

People bookmark their favorite websites like gaming platforms, cartoons and animations storyboards and some other cool stuff. Going through these bookmarks can tell you about personal hobbies, likes, dislikes etc. Similarly, employees also bookmark some of the websites that they use often. As a weekly report of the progress, employers can use app to keep the record of all these bookmarked websites of employees. It can tell a lot of things like how much time the employees spend working on office projects? Moreover, employers can maintain a list of bookmarked content with time stamps and then questions the employees about them.

Screen Recording

Screen recording is the primitive way of keeping an eye on someone. It’s being used from ages where software records the screens and then shares the screen with you. With the latest technology, applications provide this feature with a twist. Sharing the screen was notaspractical as people knew that they are being watched. To solve this issue, TheOneSpydelivers a new kind of screen recording. It’s best for the current situation too. The feature didn’t share the screen with employers etc. but instead it captured screenshots every few seconds and then made a short video of all screenshots. The video was then sent to employers for monitoring. In this way, employers can go through the videos to see the online activities of all employees.

Website Tracking

Working from home means that there no assigned time for employees, and they have to submit their work in time. But some projects need to be handled carefully, and teams need to work together on them. As an employer, you can monitor the activities of your employees in team projects. By scheduling meetings and fixed hours each day, employers can use software to see the browsing activities of employees. To make sure that they are browsing the stuff related to projects and are not surfing the web for other things, user can observe all their browsing activities and can send the report to the employer. In this way, employers can monitor the employees remotely.

How to Works Process Employee monitoring Software

If you are interested in using android spy software, at that point we make it simple for youby guiding step by step.

In the first step, visit the TOS website and discuss the details of your need with a support person.

In second step, you can easily identify which will be perfect for your targeted gadget. Order for apps subscription.

After payment process completion, you will get the email regarding accounts and policies & procedures.

By following the given instruction, you can download and install the app within 5 minutes.

Now, you have to activate your user’s account. TOS will automatically transfer all current data of targeted devices to the user’s online account.

After that, you can start live tracking by activating your desired feature.

It’s said that a proper working environment increases the work efficiency and performance of employees. But with the Epidemic and working from home, both employers and employees can face problems in balancing their private and professional life. To help employers in managing the employees, Android Spysoftwareprovides various features, and some of them have been discussed above. If you still not believe that these features are real, then try it yourself. You will be happy to see the results.