Different Phrases For Electrical Reports and Certificates

With all the different wordings for reports and certificates, there seems to be a bit of confusion. Below is a break down of what the reports are and exactly what they are needed for. We have enlisted the main names with the alternative names below so it is easier to distinguish. It will help you understand electrical career resources also.

Electrical Installation Certificate

An electrical installation certificate is required when there is an alteration, addition or new installation to a property. This can be used on domestic, commercial and industrial installations. It is proof that when a new electrical installation is done, it is done in accordance with the regulations and BS7671.

The electrical installation certificate must be provided by all electricians on completion of works, it is highly recommended that an electrician is part of a governing body. Trade Facilities Services use NAPIT but there are others including the NICEIC. See below a list of other names

  • Electrical Safety Certificate – This is usually used for both and electrical installation condition report and also an electrical installation certificate, it is a term that is made up.
  • Electrical Certificate – Again people tend to use this for both types of paperwork, this is closer to the correct term but on new installation ensure you receive an electrical installation certificate.
  • Minor Works Certificate – This report is explained in slightly more detail below, it is used for minor works like changing sockets and switches.

Electrical Installation Condition Report

An installation condition report is in effect a survey of the property, this can be commercial, domestic or industrial. It is an overview of the whole installation and will highlight any defects.

This report in itself has many variations of the name which we will go over shortly. The electrical installation condition report is required by landlords for the properties they rent out. Anything other than an electrical installation condition report will be the wrong report provided in these circumstances. Below is a list of other names used.

  • EICR – This is a shortened abbreviation (EICR) Electrical Installation Condition Report)
  • EICR Report – Again this is another abbreviation
  • Electrical Safety Certificate – This term is used for checking electrical safety, it has NEVER been known as a certificate as it is a survey.
  • 5-year electrical test – This is generally the standard of which the regulations recommend testing, although five years is a recommendation and the length of time is decided by the electrical testing engineer.
  • Electrical Report – A shortened name of the long term
  • Periodic inspection report – This is the old name for the electrical installation condition report and was changed with the 17th edition regulations.
  • BS7671 electrical test – This is the regulations for the electrical installation and what the installation should adhere to. It is not the name of a report.
  • NICEIC Report – The NICEIC is a governing body, there is a branded report with this abbreviation but it is not a report itself
  • NAPIT Report – NAPIT is again a governing body, they also have a branded report with this abbreviation.

We are sure there are many more alternatives to the wording of the above, but these are the main core that is used. Is what we recommend though, is when requesting your report to ensure you are getting an electrical installation condition report supplied by a competent electrician. This can easily be done by making sure that they are registered with either the NICEIC or with NAPIT.

Minor Works Certificate

A minor works certificate is for what it says. MINOR WORKS, this can include changing a socket, light switch or MCB. Do not accept this when the electrician is installing ANY TYPE OF WIRING.  This should be put on an electrical installation certificate.

In the future always ensure you get the correct electrical installation certificate and electrical installation condition report.

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