Maintaining security in an office is a tedious task, especially when there are a lot of different things that need to be kept safe and private from any unauthorized access. Two types of security are required in an office, Digital, and PHysical. Sine an office has sensitive business information and data that needs to be protected; good security measure becomes a mandate. Let’s have a look at some of the measures that can enhance the security in an office.

Install CCTV and Alarm system

One of the essential components of physical security in an office is the use of CCTV and an alarming system. A CCTV provides 24×7 constant surveillance, and the alarm system provides an alert on a large scale. Both these things are a mandate if you want your office premises to be secure of ant criminal or unauthorized activity. Tecsec has been providing some of the best security solutions with CCTV’s and alarm systems that can help to avoid and unauthorized activity. CCTV is easily available in the market at different budgets and comes with a lot of security features like video recording, night mode, motion detector, etc.

Keep everything Locked and Organised

It should be a standard procedure for every employee in the office that promotes the security of the sensitive data each employee handles. It should be the responsibility of every employee to locked their drawers and other essential data storage before leaving the office. Also, any data and shared resources in the office should be kept securely to prevent any unauthorized usage. Access to any data should be allowed with verification. If you do not have drawers or storage with locks, it is better to use a digital format of documents with digital locks.

Biometrics, Face Recognition and Access cards

To make sure no unauthorized or third person can access the office facilities from inside, biometric and fingerprint scanners are essential. Biometrics are registered for each employee in the server, due to which it is impossible for anyone to cross through without verifying their identity. Access cards are also one of the most common security measures that are used to verify the person’s identity before allowing them access to the premise. Another popular way of digitally verifying the person’s identity is face recognition, which enables the AI technology to read the structure of the face and only allow access when the person’s face structure matches what is on the server. These are, by far, one of the most technologically advances security systems that are being used globally in almost all organizations.

Not Sharing The Passwords

Password sharing is one of the biggest reasons due to which crimes are being committed worldwide in an organization. In such situations, a person often gives the password of their system to another employee due to personal friendship or based on trust. Due to this, the other person can easily commit a crime or access the private data, without even getting detected for the same. It is why one should never share their device or system password with anyone, no matter how trustworthy they are or how long they have been knowing each other. Keeping password security is the best way to avoid and prevent any unauthorizes access to data. 

These are some of the security measures that the office and employees can take to avoid any security threats. These techniques not only help to resolve but also prevent any future situation of physical and digital threats. These methods are only effective when they are followed and done by both the higher management of an office and the employee at the same time.