The telephone is an integrated part of every business. Either it is a big enterprise or just a small office, the device becomes an important tool that should be found there. Thus, picking up the right telephone device for business can be a valuable investment. But, what is the product to buy? Among the telephone for business could be found in the market now, most people’s choices often narrow to two products, they are Dlink Business IP Phone and Yeastar IP PBX. Well, which one is better between the two? Find out all the things you need to know about them before making your decision about which one to purchase.

Dlink Business IP Phone

Dlink Business IP Phones promises easy configuration and installation which is based on GUI. Being headquartered in Dubai, the Dlink IP Phone produces sounds with super quality. In addition, there is also echo cancellation offered by the company. With the help of advanced technology applied, it can connect remote locations and employees easily and fast by using inbuilt VPN. The customers will be able to enjoy amazing business-friendly features even though they are on remote distances. The telephone system applied by the service provider is exceptionally flexible. This will make it possible for the users to connect solutions relucted to the current changing occurs in business environment easily. Moreover, the SIP protocol used will enable the system to be applied by any kind of modern sip which is equipped with an IP PBX system. Here are several top products offered by Dlink Business IP Phones.

  • Dlink DPH-120SE IP Phone

This is the product of Dlink IP Phone that has attracted many people. It comes with elegant design and user-friendly features. The tool supports 3-way conference, POE, and 2 SIP lines. Interestingly, this DPH-120SE IP Phone comes with an unusual combination of the advanced communication features and the modern voice over the technology of IP network (VoIP). That makes this phone series becomes one of the most friendly industry-wide phone services. In addition, the customers can get the phone with an interesting price tag.

  • Dlink DPH-150SE F4 IP Phone

This is a broadband internet IP Phone to make it possible for the users to enjoy the modern connection of DSL. In this way, they will be able to enjoy internet phone calls at surprisingly low prices. It integrates the Quality of Service (QoS) to make sure that the voice received from the internet is better than the one got from conventional telephone devices. The DPH-150SE F4 IP Phone also provides advanced communication features to allow users to enjoy friendly industry-wide phone services.

  • Dlink PH-150S F4 SIP Phone Dubai

This is another broadband internet IP phone from the Dlink IP Phone. With the advanced technology applied in this telephone series, the customers will be allowed to enjoy cheap phone call services. It is supported with 2 Ethernet ports. The first port should be connected your broadband router while the other one should be connected to a cable modem or DSL. You will be able to instantly make as well as receive calls once the ports are connected to the internet. The voice received by the users is just the same as the one received on the usual phones. The product also comes with the ability to make 3-way conference, call transfer, and caller ID display.

Yeastar IP PBX

Just like its toughest competitor, Yeastar IP PBX also comes with various interesting things to offer to their customers. One of the most popular products of Yeastar is the S300 IP PBX. It offers IP telephony solutions with enterprise-class to the customers. The base system used by the product comes with the ability to support over 500 phones. The design is elegant and will be perfect on your office desk. It comes with small and medium-sized as well as cost savings. The device also provides effectiveness, efficiency, quality, assurance, and power. The Yeastar S300 IP PBX is easy to install. In addition, maintaining the product is also easy since it can be incorporated easily by using auto-configuration. The telephone device also has the ability to plug-and-play as well as auto-detect. Using this phone will make it possible for you to decide the physical trunks you need as well as the types of extensions you require in the system of your telephone. In addition, the product is also powered by the latest innovation in processor technology. In this way, the Yeastar IP PBX is able to provide the highest possible Mean Time in Between Failings (MTBF) in the current telephone industry.