The term digital transformation is raising a lot of mix ideas as some businesses; transformation is coming slower than others. However, transformation is happening in different phases for different business and firms, which is quite the opposite for the consumers who expect digital transformation from companies to be fast. So what is a digital transformation? It’s the change and amalgamation of digital technology to help in the shifting and remaking of the process to be more efficient and fit in the digital world. The transformation involves both the physical and mental changes too, as companies have to adapt to the new changes where they have to improve their services and products digitally. The transformation varies according to the business and also the mindset of the business owners.

You have heard of the internet of things, artificial intelligence and cloud computing, these are considered as the current digital transformation. Nonetheless, this quite the opposite as transformation links with the change of the culture and whole set of rules that govern a company. Here we take mistakes which everyone is blindly involved in about digital transformation.

Digital transformation mistakes and how to amend them

Many business and companies find it difficult to penetrate the modern market due to the errors in the digital transformation, thus failing or facing stiff competition.

  • Redefining roles and adapting to new changes.

Change comes with a lot of baggage, some of which should be throw out and pick a few beneficial points. However, companies still hold on the old baggage digital transformation changes the while working unit, and it the company responsibility to make changes too. Business and companies don’t take the initiative to educate their employee, thus remaining in the same situation. They need to realize transformation comes shift of mind, have innovations and adapting to the changes. Let the employees learn the new system to avoid losing business, involve new character, and incorporate with the older member.

  • Not sure of the transformation.

Most companies hold to the fear of the unknown they don’t want to adapt to the changes since they don’t know what is digital transformation. What companies don’t want to understand is that transformation improves customer’s efficiency and approach.  Note don’t just pick a digital norm because others are doing so, keep in mind digital transformation is different for all business, and the company or business should realize what works for them.

  • Failure to use data provided

The mistake is quite common in many businesses as the companies refuse or ignore the data provided to them. The higher authorities break the chain in a company as they don’t know what to do with the data or they don’t realize they have it already. Companies like BOLDARE working in the digital transformation sectors provide several digital transformation services to companies which include; the organization realizes the potential of the transformation, thus using the data as it flows. Data is valuable and shouldn’t be wasted; companies should educate all employees on the transformation to enhance data usage.

  • Lack of knowledge or not feeling comfortable at all

Digital transformation is also facing a lot of opposition as society has mixed feelings. However, some companies or some of the employees don’t want to be comfortable with the new changes. This affects the organizations and growth of the business. Yes, it’s gradual, but one should adopt as the digital world is changing fast.