What are the essential ingredients in building the model for reducing the cybersecurity risks? In any business or military organization, we only care about the physical damage. The organizations comprising of crucial information only care about the availability of data.

But actually more than the physical damage, there are insidious factors that raise the implementation of integrity and confidentiality. If in any organization, there is a need for securing the cyber information, then you must deploy the CIA triads. What are CIA triads, and why is cybersecurity incomplete with CIA triads?

Information Security—-Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability

The information security triangle completes after confidentiality, integrity, and availability deployed adequately. We learned how to use information technology after the advent of information security. In the world of cybersecurity, risks of security and privacy reduced only after implementing CIA triads. Before understanding that why is cybersecurity incomplete with CIA triads? Understand the role of the CIA in information security.

Information security standards and policies implemented in any organization to lower the risks of disruption, modification, and unauthorized access. CIA keeps the information security on track to achieve the goals of robustness, scalability, security, and privacy. It understands the basic needs of information security and guides individuals with the help of controls to maintain confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

CIA— A Model                  

The confidentiality, integrity, and availability are a model which helps security professionals to implement security policies. There is always a need to limit access to the data for maintaining confidentiality.

So, security standards and procedures are incomplete without confidentiality. Similarly, the crucial organization demands that data transmit or be protected in a way that there is no disruption and alteration of data.

Hence, integrity ensures no modification of data except the authorized persons in any organization.

Moreover, the availability of reliable information only by authorized people is also vital for security and privacy. So, the third component of the CIA model is availability. It makes sure that data is readily and reliably available to any authorized person whenever they need it.

Here we are going to define confidentiality, integrity, and availability individually to elaborate their importance and to support the fact that cybersecurity incomplete with CIA triads.


What comes in mind when you think about confidentiality? In infosec terms, confidentiality is the disclosure of information only to authorized persons. If you do not have any information security background, then understand that confidentiality is like privacy.

The privacy which you apply on your Facebook account that how it is going to view your personal information and who can not. Confidentiality also makes sure that the authorized persons only see the data and information and can not alter it.

While encryption, you can encrypt with two keys, one private and other the public key to achieve confidentiality. Moreover, signing the key and applying the hash functions helps you in deploying confidentiality and integrity at the same time.


As we mentioned earlier, integrity makes sure that no critical data altered or modified without the person who intended to do so. We all know that during the data transfer, integrity must prevail all over the transmission of data. Digital signatures help in implementing the standard of integrity in any organization. It helps in ensuring that the message sends by the sender reaches precisely the same to the receiver.

Moreover, it also achieves the non-repudiation in which the receiver can not deny that he did not receive the message. The digital signatures achieve integrity, non-repudiation, and authentication at the same time.

Integrity is like honesty; if it is in any organization, then things are going to work correctly. No information lost, altered, or theft; all these things achieved when there is the integrity of data. And, the integrity of data comes when there are Sha-functions or digital signatures implementation.


Any organization works perfectly when there is an all-time availability of resources. If hardware, software, backup servers all will not work properly, then how you are going to achieve the robustness and scalability in the network. Do you know that systems can crash if they do not work on patches on time?

Moreover, availability can be achieved in any information security implementation if there is proper bandwidth available and care taken for the bottlenecks. The availability of data in implementing information security is all about the instant incident response and disaster recovery.

Work timely for the intrusion detections and denial of service attacks to make data available for authorized users. Some hackers and terrorist organization inject malicious programs to make the services unavailable. So you must implement proper IDS, IPS and firewalls to stop their malicious activities. More hindrances in malicious activities, the more the data will be available all the time.


All the above discussion points towards the importance of the CIA model for achieving information security. If three of these components obtained, organizations would flourish adequately. For secure financial transactions, military information transmission, and industries where there is a need to protect data from competitors, the CIA model implement privacy and security. We can shortly say that the CIA, blockchain, and artificial intelligence has become the need of every organization.

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