In this age of heightened risk associated with cyber attacks, it is worthwhile to acquaint yourself with a few viruses and their efficiencies. One such variant of virus that can be helpful in arriving at the best results would include the CryptoMix Clop Ransomware.

The CryptoMix Clop Ransomware is one of the unique viruses that comes under the category of ransomware. There is a new variant of ransomware in this genre, and it has been claimed to affect the entire networks instead of the individual machines.

The virus is stated to come with more severe issues and is known to damage the system more than the earlier variant of the CryptoMix Clop virus. In fact, it is one of the recent additions to the virus databases and was discovered by the end of February 2019. The virus was first detected by the team known as MalwareHunter. What makes it one of the huge risky affairs is it now comes with more email addresses than the ones that were found in the earlier versions of the virus.

What makes the new variant of the virus more dangerous is it has been code signed and signed with the digital signature. This will make it look more advanced and completely legitimate, and this is exactly why it would make it more ready and capable of passing through the security software detections.

What does this variant of CryptoMix Clop Ransomware virus do? It will begin with the task of stopping all or a few essential Windows processes and services. This will first disable the antivirus services currently protecting your device and in turn, close all the files currently open.  Then, the virus proceeds to encrypt the files so that the computer stops working in its entirety. Some of the tasks and processes that the Ransomware virus stops would include Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, BackupExec, and more.

The ransomware virus then proceeds to encrypt all the files and folders on the target computer and adds up a .clop extension to all of them. Once all the files are encrypted and rendered inaccessible by the computer, the malware executes a message that reads as here below – “All files on each host in the networks have been encrypted with a strong algorithm.”

This would clearly mean that the virus attempts to attack the entire network instead of just focusing on the individual devices, targets an entire network and all the computers on the targeted network. The team that discovered the virus could not ascertain whether the virus actually has the ability to affect an entire network. The virus does not seem to have the ability to self propagate.

In any case, if you want to stay safe from the CryptoMix Clop Ransomware attack, it would be a wiser idea to opt for an anti-malware such as ZoneAlarm. In the case of CryptoMix Clop Ransomware, it would be a better option to prevent the attack than trying to address it after the virus has attacked your device. There is no method currently available to decrypt the files once they have been encrypted.

The best options to safeguard yourself would be to take care against the ransomware and make use of the right security tools. Always keep your virus database and the antivirus tools updated. Using a good antimalware solution can also prove to be efficient enough.

Since the virus attacks the devices through the Remote desktop services, do ensure that you stay safe by ensuring proper safety for your computers on the Remote Desktop Services. Develop a few good online etiquettes. Backing up regularly, taking precautions against the email attachments received from unknown senders and using hard to crack passwords are a few options to stay safer.