Creating financial planning is a complicated matter for business owners or entrepreneurs, especially when they build a startup or develop the business into the next level. At the same time, good financial planning increases business revenue. Financial planning also helps business owners and entrepreneurs to make an effective and accurate financial decision. A financial model template comes as one of the best solutions. eFinancialModels offers the latest financial templates. Let’s take a look at things you should know before applying a financial template.

SaaS financial models

eFinancialModels offer SaaS financial models in which it is software. The software is hosted by a third-party provider. Users who want to use this software have to subscribe by visiting the official website. The significant difference between the SaaS business model and the traditional business model is its simplicity. By using the SaaS business model, users don’t have to install or run a particular application. It is a more efficient financial template because business owners don’t have to expense a lot of money for complicated installation and many others. They can also create financial planning and decisions immediately.

The Benefits of SaaS financial models

EfinancialModels develop SaaS financial models based on the subscription method. Users just have to subscribe and rent the software. This method limits expenses because users only pay based on the rental period. Even, they can easily terminate or stop the subscription and it means they don’t pay anything anymore. The software has a higher protection system due to the use of a Cloud service. By using this protection system, users can limit and control people or employees who can access the software, features, and data. It is simple software where users don’t have to think about the regular updates. The sophisticated technology can update the system automatically. Users don’t need to spend extra money for the updates. Users can also easily access the SaaS business model software as long as they have an internet connection. They can access the software via an application by using their mobile devices, computers, or laptops anywhere and anytime they want.

The Use of SaaS financial models

SaaS financial models are not only suitable for creating effective and accurate financial planning but also other usages. For example, you want to develop your business by financing from banks or investors. You should make good financial planning before doing that, and this business template helps to handle this. You can decide the best investment method for the benefits of all parties. As a result, you can develop your business immediately just like you are expected. It is also valuable software for those who want to buy or sell a particular company and business. Besides using these templates for creating financial planning, users can also use these financial models for fundraising, real estate investment analysis, investment analysis, budgeting, company valuations, real estate valuation, and also financial decision-making tools.

People who Use SaaS financial models

Based on the use and benefits of the templates, SaaS business templates are suitable for a variety of users. Business owners and entrepreneurs are not only users who can use these templates. Moreover, the templates are also suitable for investors, Financial Officers or CFO and Chief Executive Officers or CEO. These templates help financial professionals such as financial analysts and private equity, venture capital professionals, mergers and acquisitions analysts, business analysts, auditors, credit analysts in banks or financial institutions, fund analysts, and many others.

SaaS Financial Model Templates in Excel

eFinanceModels develops one of the templates in Excel. The focus of the templates is to give a simple financial model. The features and systems work well for business owners, entrepreneurs, or other users who don’t have the experience of creating a financial model or planning. Users can choose three different subscription packages depending on the buyer segments. Those packages are basic, standard, and premium packages. The templates are set on a monthly basis based on the new subscribers per month. Users can choose three different payment periods which are 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year. These three payment periods are more beneficial for the users because the company also gives a discount. It is also a simple payment method because users don’t have to pay for the rent cost monthly. They can focus on working with the templates and creating financial planning maximally. For further information about SaaS financial models and templates, you can just read the explanation here . It explains a lot about how these business models work and develop in the future. The most important thing is that you finally find a solution to create good financial planning.

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