The American Manufacturing Council is basically the group of powerful peoples. They are responsible for providing the necessary advice to the current US president about the American manufacturing. But these days in the reign of the recently elected US President, John Donald Trump the league of powerful businessmen seem to be breaking day by day.

The reason behind this constant resigning of the top business rankers is the Trump’s response to the violence at the white nationalist rally in the Charlottesville, Virginia on the 12th of August, 2017.  As a result three of the CEO’s resigned from their membership from the American Manufacturing Council. They are Kenneth Frazier, the CEO of the drug giant Merck & Co., Kevin Plank, the CEO of the most popular sports brand Under Armor and Brian Krzainch, the CEO of the computing brand Intel. Also including Scoot Paul, the President for the alliance of American manufacturing also resigned on the 15th of August.

What is White Nationalist rally incident?

This rally can also be named as the Charlottesville Rally and it themed to protest against removing of the Confederate monuments and memorials from public places. The members of this rally were the group followers of the white supremacist, the white nationalist, Neo-Nazi, Neo-confederate and other military movements.

Seeing the situation uncontrollable, the Governor of Virginia Terry McAuliffe canceled the state level rally and declared the state of emergency. The situation was too terrifying that the police was unable to handle it. As the situation was coming under little control, a rushing car came and hit the crowd badly. In this incident, woman died and 19 got badly injured. Five of the injured are in a very critical situation fighting with de*th.

The Attorney general, Jeff Sessions claimed it as domestic terrorism and orders a civil right investigation of the incident. A Police helicopter which was monitoring the rally got crashed 7 miles from the incident place and it killed two troops from the Virginia State Police.

CEO’s Counter attack on Trump’s reaction to this incident

A matter of tension is arising every second with the resignations of the five members of the council. They stated that the focus is getting a political shape rather than improving the American situation for new and better manufacturing. President dismissed them and stated them as grandstanders. The situation is such the all the council members are confused to take the step in which direction. Some of them are either forced to remain in the council and others don’t want to oppose the ruling party as it may affect their business.

Those who criticized the President are also facing a harsh situation on the social media. The CEO of Wal-Mart’s, McMillan objects the President for his response to the white nationalists but he didn’t quit the manufacturing job initiative. The protestors on the social media, especially on Twitter went after him and even stated to stop shopping at Wal-Mart’s. Even they are calling Nazi to the CEO of the Under Armor, Plank on his resignation on this Monday and most of them labeled him a sissy for quitting the initiation.

The US President, Donald Trump while press conferencing stated that, those CEO’s who resigned from the post was not worthy of this position. They were unable to hold the responsibilities and even he could easily replace them at any moment. Interestingly, the General Motors CEO, Barra selected to retain its membership of the council, being afraid of Trump. Moreover, she can easily quit from the post as declared from the sources near to Barra.

Pepsi Co’s CEO, Nooyi is following the same steps of Barra and it seems as she was the more aggressive than any other CEO against the white nationalist incident. As a result, she also resigned from the council membership of the American manufacturing and joined the quit the council campaign. These incidents are creating a lot of tension within the biggest business firms on the globe. The board of directors is debating hard to find the answer about the situation, that whether they need to stay or quit the position.

Most of the CEO’s are appreciating this decision and are standing in support of their fellow resigned council members. They followed Frazier’s plan and undoubtedly went to support his movement, quit the council movement. Burn stated that he and other members are glad to take a stand in this situation and supporting the correct decision.

But these opponents are facing angry tweets from President Trump and other thousands of Twitter users. Trump is blaming the famous drug brand, Merck for its high prices of medicines and moving the important jobs across the globe. With a tip from the people closest to Krzanich, CEO of Intel, made him quit from the post because of the tweet attack of Trump on Frazier. He was very upset from this situation and handed the resignation as a member of the Council of American manufacturing.

Not only with these incidents, has it seemed that the CEO’s are searching reasons to quit their post as a member of this council. The CEO’s who quit the council in this week are not the first ones. Travis Kalanick, the CEO of the Uber Technologies Incorporation, has already left the council against the Trumps Immigration policies. He left this post while he was the CEO of this rideshare company. Trump has faced a massive repulsion against his new immigration policies.

Trump’s decision of pulling the US from the Paris climate summit was also not a favorable decision as per the experts. Important dignitaries like Elon Musk of the Tesla Incorporation and Bob Iger of the Walt Disney Corporation pulled them from the council. The reason behind is the backing of US from the climate summit in Paris.

One cannot justify the ever changing situations, as they change with time. Every situation can change with respect to the circumstances. Now, see the irony in the month of March, Iger desperately wanted his position in the advisory committee. He stated that he wants to be present in the room where the important decisions take place. Now, with a period of three months, he has left the post and gone.