The biggest problem when you are using your beloved gaming PC all day long is the CPU and GPU temperature. It is important to keep the CPU and GPU at the normal temperature. Indeed, you have to make sure that it doesn’t overheat otherwise the condition will damage the PC. It seems impossible to control and monitor the temperature manually. Installing a particular CPU temp monitor software and control the CPU and GPU temperature is the best solution. You can use specific software known as the Smart Game Booster to handle this issue. Learn the details below.

The Way Smart Game Booster Helps to Monitor Your CPU and GPU Temperature

The best part of using Smart Game Booster is that you don’t need to pause the game only because you want to check the temperature. When you are installing this software, the temperature feature will be embedded inside the game. So, anytime you want to check the temperature you just need to see it without quit or stop the game. The software is not only informing the temperature of your CPU and GPU but also the motherboard and fan speed. There is a feature in which it acts as an alarm when the hardware is overheated. The system will alert you and it means you have to do some preventive actions to prevent serious damage or data loss.

The Superiority of Smart Game Booster

Smart Game Booster has several superiorities that can help gamers to keep their gaming PC effectively. For example, the feature of this software can detect the CPU and GPU temperature in real-time. Real-time detection is very important because you can take earlier preventions before the hardware is overheated. This CPU temp monitor software will display the detail while you are playing the game. The detail helps to remind you to know the right time to stop the game to reduce the temperature first. This software gives a sign or alarm if the temperature is above 75 to 80 degrees Celcius or 167 to 176 Fahrenheit. Indeed, it prevents the temperature above 80 degrees Celcius or 176 degrees Fahrenheit because it damages your PC or you might lose the data inside the PC.

How to Get Smart Game Booster

Getting Smart Game Booster is simple. Visit PC Game Boost as the official website of the software. Then, you can directly download the software. How much money do you have to spend to get this software? It is unnecessary because you can download the software for free. You just have to fill the requirements so the PC can install the software. The PC has to be supported by at least Windows 7. Just upgrade the software if it is below Windows 7. Smart Game Booster is also compatible with Windows Vista, XP, 8, 8.1, and 10. The size of the software is small and it doesn’t disturb the performance of the PC. The size is only 18.6MB and by the time you launch the software, you will get the temperature details.

Additional Features You Can Use

The good news is that Smart Game Booster is not only used to control and monitor CPU, GPU, motherboard, and fan speed temperature but it is also used to boost the quality of the game graphic. One of the features is useful to boost the quality of the game graphic. Interestingly, it is unnecessary to open the hardware and change it. You just need to hit the boost button and let the software does its job automatically. The software will remove all useless things in the system which disturbs the performance of the PC. After that, the game graphic looks superb than before and it satisfies your eyes. Moreover, the feature is also useful to increase the Frame Per Second or FPS level in which it also has an important role to improve the quality of the game graphic. This software works more than just a protection system but also to keep you comfortable and easy to play your favorite games. Smart Game Booster provides you a feature where you can add all your favorite PC games to the software. It is not only adding the games but you can also launch the games from the software. This function helps you to find the game you want to play faster instead of finding it one by one. At the same time, you can also monitor the performance of your beloved gaming PC.

The point is that you have to optimize the gaming PC system to get an optimal game speed and great graphic. PC temp monitor software does all the things the PC need so you can play PC games comfortably. You also know the right time to take a break for a while to reduce the PC temperature before playing the game again.