With its new electric car model Leaf 2018, Nissan has proved itself once again in its commitment to bring a change in the driving experience. The carmaker company Nissan has introduced its new Leaf car with the feature of driverless technology. At the same time, Nissan faced a stiff completion with rival companies like Tesla and Chevrolet as they have also introduced electric and zero emission cars at a lower price.

Earlier, when Tesla launched electric cars two years back, the cost of such car was the US $100,000. But the Nissan Leaf price has marked low with a cost of US $35,000. Making an evolution in the driving technology, it has also been equipped with ProPilot driver facility to make the journey of its passengers safer than ever before. This system can perform the job of driving slow or fast and will also help in parking.

More safety features, now enjoy the driving experience with unique driving technology

The new Leaf car will be more adventures than the other old Leaf model cars. ProPilot technique can be used while driving in a single lane. It can measure the distance of the car which is running in front of it and control the speed accordingly. It has a speed preset between 30km/h to 100 km/h. The new Leaf maintains care while driving and can stop the car when necessary.

Its Standard-Automatic Emergency Braking system will help to give you more control and confidence, and when this feature gets paired with the available Pedestrian Detection, the Intelligent Lane Intervention will help you to stay in one line in your lane. It has also been equipped with one pedal model system. It automatically controls the speed of the car.

This one pedal will help the driver to start, accelerate and also slow down the car based on its input on the pedal. Even if the car is going on an uphill slope, the one pedal model system will help in keeping the position proper unless the pedal is pressed. This system has never been introduced by any other car manufacturer company till now. Before the New Leaf, Nissan has installed this system in its Note e-Power model which was sold in Japan.

Now, this one pedal is an improved version of that. The new Leaf has been popularized for its low pricing. In the U.S, the price for 2018 Leaf will be $29,990 before a federal tax credit of amount $7,500. In case of the Chevrolet Bolt, the starting price is $36,620, and the Model 3 has been priced at $35,000. The New LEAF electric car will be available for buyers in Japan on Oct 2 whereas in U.S., Canada, and Europe the car will be available from January.

Nissan Leaf battery also proved to be the best power backed battery till date. Having 40-kilowatt powered battery, the New Nissan Leaf can travel around 240 kilometres on a single charge in Asia and Europe. In America driving condition it can run around 480 Km (300 miles) once it gets fully charged. The new Nissan Leaf range is till now one of its best kind of car, even though it has not yet reached the range of the new Tesla model 3.

Nissan also announced that it would introduce more range of cars in the upcoming years. To get the battery fully charged, it will take around 16 hours if the output value is 3kW and around eight hours in 6kw output value. The new Leaf 2018 model will be available for sale in January 2018 in Europe. Along with the other basic colours, the car will also be available in Spring Light Green colour.

The car with stunning design will give you a different feel

Coming to its design, the car has been designed with high-quality materials. Stunning interior design and high tech technology will also help in boosting the driving experience. The seven inch full TFT screen which is added in the car to entrain people while driving can connect with both Android and Apple system. To make it safer, it has also been equipped with an audio navigation system which is provided by Nissan’s Safety Shield Technology.

Compared to its older version, the new Leaf model has come up with extra luggage space of 435 litres. With all these latest technologies and safety features, it will create a new place in the creation of electric cars. Before releasing the New Leaf model 2018, a booking of 3,000 cars has already been recorded. People will only get to experience these new technologies that the car offers and feel the difference, only when they drive the Nissan new Leaf model.