Technology has been growing rapidly in the 21st century. Proportional to technology growth, car accidents number has been reducing constantly over the past years. This can’t be a coincidence, right? Well, it isn’t. Technology has had a great influence in reducing the number of car accidents and minimizing the consequences of the ones that could not have been avoided.

This important fact has been the cause of many debates on how exactly does technology help us in a car accident, and which technological gadgets are the most useful in a car. Well, considering the many, various technological aspects which help this cause, we would need to explain them in more detail.

Therefore, we will only pick out some of the more important ones for you.

Anti-lock Braking System (ABS): ABS is a safety mechanism installed into cars used to prevent the wheels from blocking during breaking. Wheel blocking disables the driver from maintaining a direction on the road, therefore provoking car sliding. This way, ABS keeps the traction of your car stable and reduces the chance of an accident. ABS improves vehicle control during breaking on dry or slippery surfaces, reducing the time needed to break, while on other surfaces, such as macadam, the length needed to brake is increased, all without losing control over the vehicle.

Backup camera (or rear-view camera): the Backup camera is a special type of camera used in cars mostly for help in backing up (going in reverse), and to mitigate the blind spot. Blind spots are the positions that are unavailable to be seen by the driver depending on the specific circumstance. It is very useful when it comes to rear collisions. Rear-view cameras are connected to LCD navigation screens installed inside the car, helping the driver greatly when deciding to back up with his car.

Lane Departure Warning System: We all get carried away a little when we drive sometimes. Sometimes we drift away in our thoughts and forget that we are on a road. This can be the cause of a big accident if we’re not careful enough. Drifting away in another lane for just a few seconds can be very damaging, even fatal for the driver. This is where the Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) comes in hand. It is a very useful gadget used to warn the driver when he approaches another lane or vehicle too close. Its mechanism is used to warn you and to intervene, and once you are too close to another vehicle, or a lane with vehicles coming from the opposite side at great speed, it controls your vehicle and steers it back on track.

Pre-Collision System:The use of this gadget is to warn the driver when he reaches a situation where a collision with another vehicle is unavoidable. Its defensive mechanism works in a way that the system slows the car down, and tightens the seatbelts if the driver does not react. The biggest benefit of Pre-Collision System is damage control since the driver is most likely already in a situation where the accident is bound to happen.

There are many other gadgets and beneficial technologies used to prevent, or atleast minimize the effects and consequences of car accidents.

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