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The best LED grow lights are sure to be an important part of any indoor garden. But its importance will only be maximized if you set up your grow light correctly. With the emerging preference for top LED grow lights specially in the cannabis growing community, learning how to make use of it to optimize yield is of the essence.

Why Use the Best LED Grow Lights Over Other Grow Lights

With the advance of electronics technology, LED grow lights have matured to a point where these can replace and exceed, especially in lower power consumptions, High Intensity Discharge (HID) grow lights. Though it is not correct to say that HIDs are no longer effective, setting up an HID setup is costlier and commands a higher maintenance cost. LEDs also offer lower running costs, greater convenience, versatility, durability and better reliability.

Best LED Grow Lights: Optimizing your Top LED Grow Light

Since the best LED grow lights can easily replace the top HID grow lights, learning how to optimize it for your indoor plants is a must. So how do we go about it? Here are some simple tips:

Mind your Temps

All good LED grow lights will generate far lesser heat than any HID grow light set up – this means that there is no need for modifications like cool tubes. This most especially true with the best LED grow lights with their own cooling systems. But this doesn’t mean that temperatures will not be an issue. In colder climates, you may have the need for a heater to ensure that your plants will not be affected by the cold. And even though it seldom happens, LED grow lights may still be able to burn your plants depending on the distance of its placement.

Good LED Grow Lights Requires You to Mind your Water

Since all LED grow lights are cooler than other grow lights, you must mind how much and how often you water your plant specially if its cannabis. The temperatures in your grow room won’t be too high so one must be careful in overwatering the plants.

Choose LEDs with proper spectrum

Another advantage of the best LED grow lights is that you can optimize its output to achieve a certain light spectrum. This is especially true for cannabis that will be needing more of a certain part of the spectrum at various stages throughout its grow. The best models even include infrared to UV wavelengths for its output.

Though there are other ways to maximize the use of an LED grow light, it will usually depend on other factors that you will learn to deal with as you become more of an expert in indoor gardening.