business marketing online concept

Social media cannot be separated from our life. Blogger is one thing that is familiar in this era. Many people create blog to share their idea, to promote a product or something, and many more.

Blogger Outreach

Blogger outreach is one of the strategies of working by using online influencer. It is used to build a relationship. It is used to reach the other bloggers to help us or we offer help to others. It is in form of blogger that can be used to promote a new product, and to build a new brand ambassador network. So, the customer can be attracted from our blogger outreach.

When we make a blogger outreach, we have to make as attractive as we can. So, it can influence many customer or audience, and we can help them. So, the main point of blogger outreach is making a new friend.

Blogger outreach Strategy

If we want to be success in blogging, we have to use blogger outreach strategy. We can do blogger outreach by online. So, we can reach the site everywhere. These are the several strategies:

– The strategy can identify the bloggers and can make our brands more popular in the group
– Create personal information and brands you have. You can write down your background and give the clear description of your brands.
– Identify the niche in the blogger. You have to make sure your consumer will follow.
– Make a trial and error. You can use another approaches and try to share your brands.
– Give the experience of our brands to the bloggers. We have to focus on this.
– Help us to promote all media in our social channel. We also can put the links if it is needed.

Why Blogger Outreach is important?

Blogger outreach is very important for us. It can give many benefits for us, they are:

– It can build good relationship
– It can build good quality back link
– It can help us to build our brands
– It can gain more exposure from our products
– We can get social shares from other people
– We can get the traffic as the decided target or more than the target

While the other advantages of blog are:

– It is included as 5 top trustworthy information sources
– Blogger is easy compared to the other forms
– Blogger writhe the niche based on the topics, so it will be easier to get the targeted audience.

Phases of Blogger Outreach

There are 5 phases we have to do to make the good blogger outreach. The phases are:

1. Planning the campaign. Showing our goals can help to give a clear view about our products. Sp, the blogger follower can easily see the brands.
2. Identifying the right bloggers. Blogger outreach tools can help us in identifying the right blogger. We also can ask the recommendation from the network.
3. Reach the bloggers to works with us. We can get the blogger with a good manner from it. We can show our offering and what the other offer to us. So, we can have a good barter from this.
4. Send the experience of our brands. We can make a good content to influence the follower. We should write the experience in detail so they will look awesome.
5. Promotion the blogger. It can help to promote through sharing from our channel. It will help to post and the customer and the follower can influence the audience. The promotion is very important because it can determine the amount of the audience.

Blogger Outreach Campaign

It used for company to share the products and the product service. During the blogger outreach campaign, there are some common questions arise such as:

– Why we are doing this?
It is the main questions. Through these questions, it can lead to share the target. These questions will answer the explanation of the brands.

– What should we achieve?
It will give the explanation of the achievements of the brands. It is including the reason why do this and what we can do to achieve the objectives. The objectives also need to be informed clearly.

– Who is the audience?
Sometimes finding the audience can be easy and hard. We have to give the clear information to get the audience. Our audience is the people who interested with the topic of the brands. The people who follow our blog will the fix audience.