An iPhone spy app is likely to be one of the results you get if you are looking at how to track a target user’s activities online. Parents might use such an app to keep a tab on their kids’ smartphone usage. Couples and lovers use it when they suspect their partners are being unfaithful. There are several use cases, as you can imagine.

However, not all spy apps are made equal. While some are exceptionally easy to use, others are far too complex. Again, some apps are rich in terms of the features they offer while others only have basic functionality. Here is the detailed guide on the best way to spy on iPhone. The best part is, none of these apps require you to root the target device first. Furthermore, there’s no need to install any app when you use one of these as everything is done in the cloud.

How to Spy on iPhone Without Installing Software

Whenever it comes to spying iOS devices, a thing that hurts the most is the limitation of not being able to install a third-party app. If it is an app that is not approved by Apple, your iPhone won’t facilitate its installation. The only way to install such apps on your iPhone is to Jailbreak it. And unfortunately, Jailbreaking the iPhone is never on the list of any iPhone user.

You will be glad to know that if you want to spy on someone’s iPhone, you can do that without installing a software. The spying industry has experienced a lot of growth lately which has allowed them to come with newer innovations. A few years back, you needed access to the target iPhone to spy and jailbreak was also necessary. But things have changed now and that’s why we are here — to tell you how to monitor a cell phone without installing software.

iPhone Spy App No Jailbreak

Jailbreaking an iphone frees you from the shackles of the walled garden of Apple and you can run any software that you are not allowed to. It is a legal process and it lets you unlock pretty cool capabilities. Jailbreaking is easy, too, but everything good comes with a price. For example, Jailbreaking reduces the security that’s usually there to protect your device from spam and malicious apps. It can also make your iPhone vulnerable to virus attack. You won’t be able to upgrade to the latest iOS because upgrading removes the Jailbreak.

And while all of that aforementioned is true, what else is true that jailbreaking is almost on the verge of an absolute discontinuation. In fact, the last time we checked, the brainchild of Cydia, Jay Freeman, recommended iOS users not to jailbreak iOS 10, even when they could. So jailbreaking is basically dead at this point because it’s been a while since the iOS 10 jailbreak got released and there are still no signs of iOS 11 or iOS 12 jailbreak.

Spy on iPhone With Just the Number Using DataBurglar

Have you ever head the words like spying and hacking? Surely you might have heard it. But the question comes about how one can spy their kid or spouse phone with just their phone number. It might sound a little bit difficult but not impossible. This article is worthwhile to read as it enables you to know how one can do it easily. You will be introduced with DataBurglar which is considered the most effective and best spying tool in the market. By using it, one can easily collect all the information from the suspect cell phone.

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And the answer is pretty simple. It can be done through the help of a spy app. The application makes the task easier. The highly qualified developers have introduced a reliable and best app known as DataBurglar. It can rectify all the shortcomings and drawbacks of traditional or conventional apps. The sole purpose is to satisfy the customer by offering services as per their need.

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